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Road users and residents are able to get up-to-the-minute information about roadworks in a convenient way. An information service based on Infracontrol Online allows road users to subscribe to text messages produced by the contractor at the roadworks. The service is used by the Swedish Transport Administration during the current renovation of Highway 155 in Gothenburg.

The responsible on-site contractor will handle his messages via a simple web interface with the aid of pre-configured templates provided by the Transport Administration. This makes keeping information fresh and updated quick and easy.

Were introducing the information service for the renovation of Highway 155, but moving forward it will of course be possible to use it for all roadworks,” says Mattias Ström, Development Manager at Infracontrol.


Better information minimises roadworks disruptions

Ground was broken for the first time on March 8 in the Swedish Transport Administration’s renovation of Highway 155 in Gothenburg. The object of the project is to improve capacity and traffic safety on the heavily used, accident prone stretch of road. At the same time a separate lane will mean improvements for public transport, a new cycle lane will make life easier for cyclists, and access to the docks will be improved.

Because the road is so heavily used the Transport Administration will do everything it can to minimise disruptions during the three-year renovation. This will be achieved by e.g. a new information service to assist road users and those living in the immediate vicinity with updated information on what is happening on the stretch of road.

Of course we hope that the renovation work will have as little negative impact as possible, says Eva Kraft, Information Officer at Transport Administration Support. The new message service will provide road users and those living in the immediate vicinity with up-to-date information on the current roadworks status. This will mean they have a better idea of what is going on and can avoid any disruptions that arise.

All that will be required to receive text messages is to access the Transport Administration website, enter your mobile telephone number and mention the kind of information you are interested in, which might for example be about diversions or upcoming blasting work. From then on you will receive a text message every time there is new information about the roadworks.

About Infracontrol Online

Infracontrol Online is a unique web-based service where operational alarms, fault reports and comments are collated into simple, easy-to-read cases. The service is also used to manage the overall control of technical functions within a community’s infrastructure such as street lighting and parking information. There is also support for information handling via e.g. text messages.

Infracontrol Online provides everyday benefits by assuring quality, simplifying operations and maintenance work, reducing energy consumption and by the simple expedient of making sure the right person gets the right information at the right time. Today the service is used for many different applications by e.g. the Swedish Transport Administration, Swedavia, Oslo Tramways and a number of Swedish cities, towns and municipalities.

Infracontrol Online requires no software or hardware investments; all you need to use the service is a normal web browser or a mobile phone.

Infracontrol Online is based on modern technology such as Microsoft .NET 3.5, AJAX, WCF, Web Map Services and SQL Server, which means good scalability and excellent integration with other systems.
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