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Nacka is one of many municipalities that use Infracontrol Online to gain better control over its technical operations. It has used the service since 2009 to monitor traffic signals in the municipality. Last spring it extended the service in a pilot project to manage all cases in the highways and traffic area. The service simplifies and streamlines case management and makes planning work easier. Staff see a great advantage in its being a cloud service as they always have access to an updated system, all of whose functions are easily reached from anywhere.

Kim Mitts, Group Manager in the Technical Operations and Maintenance Unit in Nacka municipality, gives a brief description of the benefits Infracontrol Online brings to the operation:

The service is easy to use and provides the ability to report back to residents quickly. This provides us with a good case structure and creates conditions for proper follow-up. This in turn is extremely important when it comes to e.g. resource allocation and planning for the years ahead. Being able to use the service via smartphone makes work easy and quick both for our own personnel working out in the field and for our contractors.


Simpler, more efficient case management

Kim Mitts, Group Manager in the Technical Operations and Maintenance Unit in Nacka municipality, tells us why they chose Infracontrol Online:

Wed been using the earlier version – Alarms Online – since 2009 through our traffic signal maintenance contractor. When we brought supervision back in house in 2013, we decided to retain the service as we were satisfied with its function. When the maintenance contract was transferred to us, Infracontrol presented new capabilities and functions that would also structure our manual case management and render it more efficient. As a result, we began a collaboration within the highways and traffic area as a pilot project, prior to future procurement.

He tells us that experiences thus far have been very good; that case management across the board has been both simpler and more effective and that they have a much better overview than before.

The service helps us provide faster, better feedback to citizens, and we have access to valuable statistics for follow-up and planning, says Kim Mitts.



The Infracontrol Online mapping tool provides a good overview and makes it easy to retrieve detailed information about each case.


Cloud service means great advantages

Infracontrol Online is a cloud service. Among other things, it means clients avoid installing special user software and do not have to install software upgrades every time they are released. It’s also easy for all users to gain access to the functions they need no matter where they are.

Cloud service is the only way to go today, says Kim Mitts. We can access the service everywhere via the internet or smartphone app. Systems that are installed on in-house servers and computers make quick software updates and development difficult.

Access to a constantly updated service is one of the most appreciated characteristics of Infracontrol Online.

The service is subject to ongoing development based on our users requirements and wishes regarding improvements, says Per Andersson, Product Manager at Infracontrol. Because upgrades are part of the service agreement, all members of our Infracontrol Community have access to each others good ideas and experience and can help each other improve their processes.

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