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Ludvika municipality has also joined Infracontrol Community and uses Infracontrol Online to take care of fault reports and to monitor actions in the highways and parks area. Dialogs with residents are made simpler as faults are easily reported via Infracontrol’s smartphone app and the municipality’s website. At the same time, they have a better overview of all open cases, allowing them to provide even better service to residents and companies alike.

Marie Persson, Supervisor at the highways and parks unit in Ludvika municipality’s City Planning Department tells us why they chose support from Infracontrol:

“We were looking for a way to assure the quality of our operation and achieve a better dialog with residents. The whole point of the service is to make it easier for many people to maintain a dialog with the highways and parks unit. We will have feedback from the general public that provides us with a better overview of what’s going on in the municipality, which means we can offer the service our residents want.


Better dialogs, simpler case handling

To more easily hold dialogs with residents and simplify the processing of observations and fault reports, Ludvika has sought help from Infracontrol Online:

“We will be using Infracontrol for fault reporting for certain works in the highways and parks Unit,” says Marie Persson, who heads up the unit in Ludvika municipality’s City Planning Department. This makes it easier for people wishing to submit fault reports or observations and also means simpler, more efficient handling internally.”

Infracontrol Online creates an overall view of all open cases and links the whole chain together from the person submitting a fault report to the person taking action on it.

“Our service is special in that it provides feedback from the person taking action on a fault not just to the municipality but also to the information provider, who receives a message once the fault has been remedied. This creates a positive, constructive dialog between the municipality and its residents.”


Keeping a better check on cases

The efficient reception and processing of observations and fault reports is a great asset for the municipality, which receives information quickly if anything is perceived as lacking the quality expected of it. Carina Karlsson tells us it is especially important when procuring service assignments from external parties:

“Efficient case handling allows us to monitor and follow-up cases in a simple way. It means we can assure the quality of the services we buy in and make sure we’re getting the quality we pay for.”

Marie Persson sees great opportunities for drawing more benefit from Infracontrol Online:

“Hopefully, we will be able to send out more work orders smoothly via Infracontrol. At sometime in the future we will also look at using more functions in their system. We’re toying with the idea of linking fault reports and work orders to time reporting.”


Ability to monitor technical systems

Of course, best of all would be to detect faults before they cause disruptions or problems, then residents would not have to submit any faults reports at all. This can be achieved by connecting various types of technical systems in the municipality’s infrastructure to Infracontrol Online.

“Currently, we have no plans to connect technical alarms,” says Marie Persson, “but we see they could be really useful in several functions. “For example, we could use them to monitor our traffic counters.”

Technical systems can be connected in many different ways. It can be with the aid of simple alarm transmitters that send an SMS to Infracontrol Online should any fault occur. But it is also possible to connect more advanced equipment with data communications via wireless or hard-wired networks.
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