Case management

Infracontrol Online collates process alarms, fault reports and comments into easily perusable cases that simplify operations and maintenance and improve service to citizens, companies and visitors. All cases are quickly sent by simple text message or email to the appropriate individual for action.

Every action is monitored and every case is logged for follow-up. Statistics are used for analysis, follow up and quality assurance of operations and maintenance.

The Infracontrol Online smartphone app (available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone) makes it easy to report actions taken on the spot. This means places such as municipal communications centers are always in direct control of what is happening and able to provide better information on cases in progress.

Infracontrol Online includes simple, intuitive functions for following up and analyzing how each individual case is being managed. At the same time, a valuable fund of knowledge is built up that can form the basis for future budgeting and the negotiation of operations and maintenance contracts.

Accessible everywhere

A community’s infrastructure managers quickly receive information if something is not working properly and they have full control to ensure a fault is dealt with before disruptions occur.

More efficient operations and maintenance

Operations and maintenance personnel receive clear information about what must be remedied and can thus more easily prioritize and streamline their work.

Quality assurance

The operation and maintenance of a community’s infrastructure is often outsourced to contractors. Therefore, national and local governments have a major need to assure the quality of service to citizens, companies and visitors.

Full control

Fault report
A citizen reports the problem via an app, a form on the municipality’s webpage or Facebook, or by a phone call to the municipalitys´ contact centre where it is registered by the staff.

Operational alarms
All kind of technical installations can be connected to Infracontrol Online. That makes it possible to detect faults automatically, before they cause any disturbances.


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Direct action
The fault report (or the operational alarm) is sent directly to the person responsible to fix the problem. Usually this is a maintenance subcontractor.

Through an officer
Sometimes a fault report must be approved and prioritized by an administrator before it is sent to the person responsible to fix the problem.


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The problem is fixed
The maintenance staff has performed the necessary actions to fix the problem an sends an action report. The municipality administrators has continuously full control over everything.

The fault needs further action
If the maintenance staff for some reason are not able to fix the problem they send a report regarding this. The municipality administrators has continuously full control over what is happening.


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A message is sent to the citizen
The municipality administrator close the case, and a pre-configured or manually edited message is sent to the person who reported the problem, as a thanks for the help.

Preventive maintenance
The fault reports and the operational alarms is analyzed by the municipality administrators and provide a valuable basis for changes that can help to avoid future problems.


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