Disturbance information

Infracontrol Online enables the quick, simple distribution of information in the event of disruptions to the community’s infrastructure. This could include information about traffic delays, floods, water supply disruptions, recreational water quality or major events that affect society’s normal functions.

Disturbance information can be generated automatically by the technical systems connected to Infracontrol Online, or manually e.g. through operations managers in the municipality or information center.

Parties interested in receiving disturbance information register through the installation owner’s website for subscriptions to messages within a specific field.

When a disruption occurs, messages are transmitted automatically to subscribers according to the templates entered in Infracontrol Online

The solution with templates and various levels of authorization means that personnel at sites such as highway works or water leak repairs can provide new information about changes in the situation as and when they occur. In this way, information to recipients is both quick and accurate.

Easy to use

Infracontrol Online’s alerts and advisories function takes the strain off of contact centers and other personnel who work with providing information to citizens.

Disturbance information via text message

By subscribing to a given field e.g. a ferry route, information is provided quickly should anything deviate from the normal.

Less damage

Damage can be avoided if information is received in time e.g. moving a car or things from the cellar when there is a risk of flooding.

Distribute important information

Create messages
Messages is based on pre-configured templates and are generated automatically by technical installations or by the municipality and its subcontractors.

People who are interested in receiving disturbance information can fill in a form on the municipalitys´ website to subscribe to messages within a specific area.


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