ITS – Intelligent Transport Systems – allows the more efficient use of society’s infrastructure so that traffic flow and road safety are improved and environmental impact reduced.

These days, ITS solutions form a natural part of our traffic environment. This can apply to simple warning signs or advanced traffic management systems in our cities. ITS makes our infrastructure a little smarter, and the result is safer, greener, more efficient transportation that makes sure people and goods arrive safely and on time.

ITS enables society to enjoy greater benefits from its investments. It might concern a reversible lane or the ability to implement the rapid diversion of traffic in the event of an accident. At the same time, administration costs can be reduced as operations and maintenance is made easier by the ability to control traffic more dynamically.

We have been building traffic management, control and information solutions that provide full control over traffic flows since 1993. Our stable, flexible system solution brings all functions and information together in a simple, transparent user interface so that both traffic managers and road uses receive reliable information and can take the appropriate decisions and actions quickly and safely.

Another advantage with ITS is the ability to monitor traffic installations simply and efficiently. This allows action to be taken early so that disruptions are entirely avoided, or if they do occur, negative consequences are minimized.

Traffic management

A growing community generates ever more traffic. We build solutions that enable better use of existing infrastructure and reduce the number of accidents by monitoring and controlling traffic flows in a smarter way.

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Traffic control

Traffic is a complex part of our infrastructure. It’s important to provide traffic managers with a clear picture of the traffic situation and the ability to control and divert traffic.

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Traffic information

When traffic delays occur, major problems soon arise and it is important to reach out quickly to traffic managers and road users with clear, relevant information.

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Traffic measurement

Reliable traffic measurement provides support documentation for improvements where such are needed most. We provide user-friendly, reliable solutions for counting pedestrians, cyclists, cars and other modes of transport.

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Parking guidance

A dynamic city center both presupposes and generates vehicular traffic. By helping drivers to quickly and easily find vacant parking spaces, accessibility, flow and the environment are improved.

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