Infracontrol Online

Infracontrol Online is our unique cloud service. It provides full control over a community’s infrastructure so that we can all enjoy simpler, better-functioning everyday lives.

So far, just over 100 national and local public infrastructure owners have linked up to our unique cloud-based service Infracontrol Online to simplify their technical administration. The service helps them assure the quality of operations and maintenance in order to reduce their costs and improve service. Among other things, Infracontrol Online gives them access to:

  • The receipt of fault reports and comments
  • The collection of operational alarms from technical installation
  • Case management and supervision of remedial actions
  • Distribution of alerts and disturbance information
  • Smarter control of e.g. public lighting
  • Methods for reporting, follow-up and analysis

Furthermore, Infracontrol Online creates a valuable fund of knowledge about the infrastructure’s function and its maintenance requirements that can form the basis for planning and the implementation of various measures.

The cloud service was set up in 2003 and has run continually since. It’s built on an open platform that provides excellent scalability and integration capabilities with other systems.

Case management

Infracontrol Online collates technical operations alarms, fault reports and comments into cases that simplify operations and maintenance and improve service to citizens, companies and visitors.

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Infracontrol Online was developed to retrieve information from different types of systems for technical installations such as streetlighting, water purification plants or traffic lights.

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Fault reporting

Simple, easily accessible methods for submitting fault reports and comments means citizens feel they are participating in the running of their community and that they are better able to influence their immediate surroundings.

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Alerts and advisories

Infracontrol Online enables the quick, simple distribution of information in the event of disruptions to the community’s infrastructure. This can include information about traffic delays and floods etc.

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Any technical system that is connected to Infracontrol Online can also be controlled. This might mean switching on a street lighting system, resetting alarms or starting a heating installation.

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Full control

Fault report
A citizen reports the problem via an app, a form on the municipality’s webpage or Facebook, or by a phone call to the municipalitys´ contact centre where it is registered by the staff.

Operational alarms
All kind of technical installations can be connected to Infracontrol Online. That makes it possible to detect faults automatically, before they cause any disturbances.


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Direct action
The fault report (or the operational alarm) is sent directly to the person responsible to fix the problem. Usually this is a maintenance subcontractor.

Through an officer
Sometimes a fault report must be approved and prioritized by an administrator before it is sent to the person responsible to fix the problem.


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The problem is fixed
The maintenance staff has performed the necessary actions to fix the problem an sends an action report. The municipality administrators has continuously full control over everything.

The fault needs further action
If the maintenance staff for some reason are not able to fix the problem they send a report regarding this. The municipality administrators has continuously full control over what is happening.


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A message is sent to the citizen
The municipality administrator close the case, and a pre-configured or manually edited message is sent to the person who reported the problem, as a thanks for the help.

Preventive maintenance
The fault reports and the operational alarms is analyzed by the municipality administrators and provide a valuable basis for changes that can help to avoid future problems.


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Connected customers


Municipalities connected in Sweden




Municipalities connected in Portugal

3.2 M

Citizens able to report faults

112 400

Connected operations alarms

30 000+

Cases every month

15 000+

Registered users

Infracontrol Community

Make cities talk

Today, Infracontrol Community has over 100 members who use the Infracontrol Online cloud-based service to improve control over their communities’ infrastructure and thus improve their service to citizens, companies and visitors.

Members consist largely of Swedish municipalities and public departments such as the Swedish Transport Administration and Swedavia, but is now also growing internationally with 20 municipalities connected in Portugal and further municipalities in Spain for connection in the fall of 2015.

By contributing their knowledge, Infracontrol Community members help to continue the development of Infracontrol Online and its applications. They also share experiences with each other about how they tackle various infrastructure issues in practical terms, and how the interplay between the municipality, the citizen, operations personnel and technical systems can be improved and simplified.

Every year, a major conference – Make Cities Talk® – is held within the framework of Infracontrol Community, as are a number of field trips to various members.
What’s more, all members have access to their own internet forum, the InfraCafé.


  • Alingsås municiality
  • Arvika municiality
  • Avesta
  • Bengtsfors municiality
  • Bodens municiality
  • Borås Stad
  • Bromölla municiality
  • Brf Solhjulet, Sollentuna
  • Båstad municiality
  • Danderyds municiality
  • Dukaten Parkering
  • Eskilstuna municiality
  • Eslövs municiality
  • Falkenbergs municiality
  • Falu municiality
  • Fastighets AB L E Lundberg
  • Finspångs municiality
  • Gnesta municiality
  • Gnosjö
  • Grums municiality
  • Gällivare municiality
  • Gävle municiality
  • Göteborgs Hamn
  • Göteborgs Stad
  • Göteborgs Stads Parkerings AB
  • Götene municiality
  • Hagfors municiality
  • Hallsbergs municiality
  • Halmstads municiality
  • Hedemora municiality
  • Helsingborgs Stad
  • Hällefors municiality
  • Härjedalens municiality
  • Härnösands municiality
  • Härryda municiality
  • JC Decaux
  • Jönköpings municiality
  • Järfälla municiality
  • Kalmar municiality
  • Karlstads municiality
  • Katrineholms municiality
  • Kungälvs municiality
  • Laholms municiality
  • Lerums municiality
  • Lidköpings municiality
  • Lilla Edets municiality
  • Lindesbergs municiality
  • Linköpings municiality
  • Ljusnarsberg municiality
  • Ludvika municiality
  • Luleå municiality
  • Lunds municiality
  • Malmö Stad
  • Mariestads municiality
  • Mjölby municiality
  • Mora municiality
  • Motala municiality
  • Mölndals Stad
  • Nacka municiality
  • Nora municiality
  • N. Västmanlands municialityalteknik
  • Norrköpings municiality
  • Norrtälje municiality
  • Norsjö municiality
  • Nykvarns municiality
  • Nyköpings municiality
  • Nääs Slott, Floda
  • Osby municiality
  • Pajala municiality
  • Partille municiality
  • Region Gotland
  • Sigtuna municiality
  • Sjöbo municiality
  • Skara municiality
  • Skellefteå municiality
  • Sollefteå municiality
  • Stockholm Stad
  • Strömstads municiality
  • Sundbybergs Stad
  • Sundsvalls municiality
  • Svalövs municiality
  • Swedavia Energi
  • Swedavia Parkering
  • Säffle municiality
  • Säter municiality
  • Södertälje municiality
  • Tekniska verken i Linköping
  • Torsby municiality
  • Trafikverket Färjerederiet
  • Trafikverket Region Stockholm
  • Trafikverket Region Syd
  • Trafikverket Region Väst
  • Trollhättans stad
  • Trosa municiality
  • Uddevalla municiality
  • Umeå municiality
  • Uppsala municiality
  • Vadstena municiality
  • Vallentuna municiality
  • Vara municiality
  • Varbergs municiality
  • Vattenfall
  • Vellinge municiality
  • Vänersborgs municiality
  • Värnamo municiality
  • Västerås Stad
  • Växjö municiality
  • Ystads municiality
  • Åmåls municiality
  • Årjängs municiality
  • Åstorps municiality
  • Älmhult
  • Öckerö municiality
  • Örebro municiality
  • Örnsköldsviks municiality
  • Östersunds municiality
  • Österåkers municiality


  • Oslo municipality
  • Statens Vegvesen​


  • Alcacer do Sal
  • Alfândega da Fé
  • Almada
  • Alvito
  • Boticas
  • Bragança
  • Carrazeda de Ansiães
  • Cascais
  • Chaves
  • Cuba
  • Macedo de Cavaleiros
  • Miranda do Douro
  • Mirandela
  • Mogadouro
  • Monção
  • Montalegre
  • Ribeira da Pena
  • Serpa
  • Sesimbra
  • Torres Vedras
  • Valpaços
  • Vila Flor
  • Vila Pouca de Aguiar
  • Vila Velha de Rodão
  • Vimioso


  • Estremera

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