Technical faults and operational malfunctions can be discovered before they have time to cause problems. We developed Infracontrol Online to collate information from various types of technical installation such as streetlighting, water treatment installations, ticket machines or traffic lights.

Operations alerts from these systems are collected by Infracontrol Online to become cases sent quickly and simply to the appropriate person who then reverts with information about actions taken.

One challenge for installation owners, especially in the public sector, is that technical equipment monitored originates from many different manufacturers and equipment generations and has widely different functions. Infracontrol Online is an open, brand-independent cloud service that gathers these various systems to a single point.

Infracontrol Online is able to receive information from any kind of system via many different communications channels – alarm sensors in pumping stations that transmit alerts via text message; control units for streetlighting connected via GPRS or complex process systems in road tunnels connected via VPN are just some examples.

Any system can be connected

Any system in a community’s infrastructure technical installations can be monitored by Infracontrol Online regardless of make, type or communications method.

Defects are remedied in time

By quickly detecting operational faults and alerts, action can be taken before the faults have time to cause disruptions.

Accessible everywhere

All information and functions such as acknowledging alarms or action reports are managed by computer or smartphone using simple, intuitive user interfaces.

Detect faults automatically

Operational alarms
All kind of technical installations can be connected to Infracontrol Online. That makes it possible to detect faults automatically, before they cause any disturbances.


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The operational alarm is sent directly to the person responsible to fix the problem. Usually this is a maintenance subcontractor.


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The problem is fixed
The maintenance staff has performed the necessary actions to fix the problem an sends an action report. The municipality administrators has continuously full control over everything.

The fault needs further action
If the maintenance staff for some reason are not able to fix the problem they send a report regarding this. The municipality administrators has continuously full control over what is happening.


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Preventive maintenance
The operational alarms is analyzed by the municipality administrators and provide a valuable basis for changes that can help to avoid future problems.


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  • Drammen municipality
  • Gävle municipality
  • Göteborgs City
  • Lunds municipality
  • Malmö Airport
  • Malmö City
  • Mölndals City
  • Nacka municipality
  • Norrköpings municipality
  • Statens Vegvesen
  • Stockholm City
  • Swedavia
  • Swedavia Energy
  • Södertälje municipality
  • Tekniska verken in Linköping
  • Trafikverket Region Stockholm
  • Trafikverket Region West
  • Uddevalla municipality

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