We are all concerned about the environment and want to reduce our climate impact. The first step is of course reducing our energy and resource consumption.

We build solutions that bring together information about technical installations and present energy usage such that consumption can be optimized in relation to prevailing needs.

We also create solutions that reduce energy consumption through more intelligent control. The approximately 2,000 lighting control centers around Sweden connected to the Infracontrol Online cloud service are good examples.

We also help to protect the environment by controlling and monitoring such things as water management systems and purification installations. An example is the Swedish Transport Administration’s national system for water treatment installations where we are responsible for the implementation and development of both local and central monitoring systems.

But we also need to adapt to cope with the changing climate with increasingly dramatic weather events where flooding, landslides, storms and uprooted trees cause problems. With our solutions, information about water levels, winds, air quality and soil conditions are easily brought together and can be quickly transmitted to the appropriate recipients.

More intelligent control and monitoring

Environmental impact and operating costs alike can be reduced by controlling critical installations more intelligently.

Alerts and disturbance information

We have a smart, simple solution that involves subscription to alerts and advisories about such things as flooding, strong winds for traffic delays.

It’s all connectable

Our solutions are fully brand-independent, which allows the connection of all types of anemometers, level sensors, air quality meters or landslide detectors that keep tabs on our surroundings.


  • Härryda municipality
  • Lerums municipality
  • Lunds municipality
  • Malmö City
  • Mölndal City
  • Swedavia
  • Tekniska Verken, Linköping
  • Swedish Transport Administration

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