Our Society’s infrastructure includes many technical installations that are crucial for the function of our everyday lives. Our solutions allow them to be controlled and monitored simply and reliably.

As populations increase, the burden on society’s infrastructure rises. We want to live simply and safely knowing that our everyday lives will not be exposed to any unnecessary disruptions. At the same time, there are demands for the transportation of goods and people to be increasingly safe and eco-friendly.

As a result, there are many technical installations and facilities such as street lighting, pumping stations and traffic lights. Furthermore, complex installations such as tunnels, drawbridges, tramways and water management installations themselves contain a great many technical installations and systems.

We specialize in building IT solutions for the safe and reliable control and monitoring of such installations. Our solutions are based on tried-and-tested automation technology in the form of PLC and SCADA systems, communication solutions such as Profibus and specific roadside equipment protocols such as RSMP.

In this way, and in collaboration with our customers, we create a more intelligent infrastructure that makes life easier for us all.

Bridges and locks

We create user friendly remote control systems where the operators are able to manage all traffic, safety and operational functions with good overview and control.

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We create reliable, flexible solutions that help traffic managers and maintenance personnel alike enjoy full control over all of these subsystems in every imaginable situation.

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Tram traffic

We have extensive experience of building big-picture control solutions that allow both planned and unforeseen events to be dealt with quickly and safely.

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We help improve and simplify traffic flows. Using our control and monitoring solutions, operators have full control and quickly detect if anything is not working as it should.

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Street lighting

We enable energy savings and the simplification of operations and maintenance by controlling lighting more intelligently and adapting it to suit prevailing needs.

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We create solutions that both optimize energy consumption and ensure the proper protection of the environment through intelligent control and monitoring solutions.

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