Traffic control

Traffic constitutes a complicated infrastructure process that requires control and supervision if it is to function correctly. Most important is of course providing traffic managers with a clear, correct picture of the traffic situation and enabling them to control and divert traffic using signs, signals and barriers as necessary.

But there are also a number of automatic functions that control and monitor flows such as congestion alert systems, variable speed limit signs and incident detection systems that register stopped vehicles.

We create safe, flexible, brand-independent solutions for all of these functions based on industrial control and monitoring systems that have many advantages compared to conventional traffic management systems.

All of the functions used by traffic managers, operations and maintenance personnel are designed to be as simple as possible so that necessary actions can be taken quickly and safely in the case of disruptions. Using ready-made action plans, traffic managers are able to e.g. divert traffic or close a tunnel in the event of an accident with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Unique solution

We base our solutions on PLC and SCADA systems that are highly flexible and future proof. The systems are open and easy to integrate with all types of traffic equipment.

Simple means safe

A traffic control installation contains a great amount of equipment such as signs, barriers and traffic lane signals. In critical situations, traffic managers can act safely thanks to an excellent big-picture perspective and simple user functions.

Effective operations monitoring

Because the technical installations and systems are brought together into a single platform, operators have full control to ensure that everything is working as it should. This also makes it simple for operations and maintenance personnel to plan and implement their work.


  • Trafikverket Region Stockholm
  • Trafikverket Region West

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