As communities expand, the demands for accessibility and sustainability grow. Shouldn’t we be able to rely on the infrastructure we all depend on?


We are specialists in control, monitoring and data processing and we love to give our users a better overview and put them in control.


To create, in collaboration with national and local government, a more intelligent infrastructure that simplifies and improves daily life for us all.

Infracontrol Online

Infracontrol Online provides full control over society’s infrastructure so that we can all enjoy simpler, better functioning everyday lives.


ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) improves traffic flow and road safety while also reducing environmental impact.


Many important technical installations are controlled and monitored simply and reliably through our automation solutions.

Infracontrol Online

Just connect and take control

So far, just over 100 national and local infrastructure owners have linked up to our unique cloud-based service Infracontrol Online to simplify their technical administration. The service helps them assure the quality of operations and maintenance in order to reduce their costs and improve service. Among other things, Infracontrol Online gives them access to:

  • The receipt of fault reports and comments
  • The collection of operational alarms from technical installations
  • Case management and supervision of remedial actions
  • Distribution of alerts and disturbance information
  • Smarter control of e.g. public lighting
  • Methods for reporting, follow-up and analysis

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Did you know?

In Sweden we run an online forum exclusively for the members of Infracontrol Community.

Making things simpler together

Today, Infracontrol Community has over 100 members who use the Infracontrol Online cloud-based service to improve control over society’s infrastructure and thus improve their service to citizens, companies and visitors.

Community members contribute their knowledge to help continue the development of Infracontrol Online and its applications.