Infracontrol Online

Infracontrol Online provides full control over society’s infrastructure so that we can all enjoy simpler, better functioning everyday lives.


ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) improves traffic flow and road safety while also reducing environmental impact.


Many important technical installations are controlled and monitored simply and reliably through our automation solutions.

Special Reports

Infracontrol makes cities smarter. For real.

Internet of Things (IoT) opens up new possibilities in every area, from home electronics to healthcare. The same goes for the infrastructure that everyone in society is dependent on for…

Less stress in Ystad

Four years ago, Ystad municipality decided to connect to Infracontrol Online. Since then, all fault reports have been quickly and simply passed on to those responsible for taking action, thus…

Innovative IoT solutions in Helsingborg

Many of the municipalities in Infracontrol Community make use of new, innovative IoT applications to surveill their infrastructure. Small, cheap, power-saving sensors and new communications networks make it possible to…

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