Fault reporting

Involved citizens are one of the greatest assets a municipality can have. Simple, easily accessible methods for submitting fault reports and comments means citizens feel they are participating in the running of their community and that they are better able to influence their immediate surroundings.

But in order to enjoy a long-term, constructive collaboration, we must have the opportunity to manage information and ensure it makes a difference. Infracontrol Online provides municipalities with the unique ability to create constructive, involved teamwork with citizens, companies and operations contractors.

The service can receive fault reports and comments in many different ways;
through forms completed by customer services, forms on the municipality’s webpage or Facebook, smart phone apps or other apps or web services such as Fix My Street.

Constructive citizen dialogs

Constructive collaboration is created by providing people with simple means to report faults and by quickly providing feedback about the measures taken.

Keeping tabs on things that don’t work

The citizens in a community constitute a multitude of intelligent sensors that can quickly detect when things are not working so that faults can be remedied before major disruptions occur.

Many channels

Infracontrol Online can receive information from many other fault reporting systems. The unique thing about our service is that it provides control over the entire process, from the fault report to measures taken and back.

Full control of all fault reports

Fault report
A citizen reports the problem via an app, a form on the municipality’s webpage or Facebook, or by a phone call to the municipalitys´ contact centre where it is registered by the staff.


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Direct action
The fault report is sent directly to the person responsible to fix the problem. Usually this is a maintenance subcontractor.

Through an officer
Sometimes a fault report must be approved and prioritized by an administrator before it is sent to the person responsible to fix the problem.


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The problem is fixed
The maintenance staff has performed the necessary actions to fix the problem an sends an action report. The municipality administrators has continuously full control over everything.

The fault needs further action
If the maintenance staff for some reason are not able to fix the problem they send a report regarding this. The municipality administrators has continuously full control over what is happening.


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A message is sent to the citizen
The municipality administrator close the case, and a pre-configured or manually edited message is sent to the person who reported the problem, as a thanks for the help.

Preventive maintenance
The fault reports is analyzed by the municipality administrators and provide a valuable basis for changes that can help to avoid future problems.


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  • Bodens municipality
  • Borås City
  • Bromölla municipality
  • Danderyds municipality
  • Eslövs municipality
  • Gällivare municipality
  • Göteborgs City Traffic Office
  • Götene municipality
  • Hagfors municipality
  • Hedemora municipality
  • Helsingborgs City
  • Hällefors municipality
  • Härnösands municipality
  • Härryda municipality
  • Lerums municipality
  • Lindesbergs municipality
  • Ljusnarsbergs municipality
  • Ludvika municipality
  • Lunds municipality
  • Malmö Airport Swedavia
  • Mjölby municipality
  • Mora municipality
  • Motala municipality
  • Nacka municipality
  • Nora municipality
  • Norrköpings municipality
  • Osby municipality
  • Pajala municipality
  • Sjöbo municipality
  • Skara municipality
  • Sollefteå municipality
  • Sundbybergs City
  • Svalövs municipality
  • Säffle municipality
  • Åmål municipality
  • Sävsjö parish
  • Södertälje municipality
  • Torsby municipality
  • Uddevalla municipality
  • Umeå municipality
  • Vallentuna municipality
  • Vara municipality
  • Varbergs municipality
  • Vellinge municipality
  • Vänersborgs municipality
  • Värnamo municipality
  • Västerås City
  • Västmanlands Fastighetsskötsel AB
  • Ystads municipality
  • Åmåls municipality
  • Åstorps municipality
  • Öckerö municipality
  • Örnsköldsviks municipality
  • Österåkers municipality

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