Photo: Peter Ankarloo

After testing a system for parking information in Brodalsgaraget, the Borås municipal parking company has now expanded its system for parking guidance. Through an integration with Easypark SmartHub, it has been possible to connect 55 parking facilities without installing any new detection equipment. Information about ongoing parking is obtained from existing payment systems to Infracontrol Online, which then sends the information to signs at the car parks. Another smart solution in Borås is that the signs also show the number of available parking lots equipped with electric charging points.

Peter Ankarloo is the property manager at Borås Kommuns Parkerings AB and sees great benefits with the solution:

– Infracontrol Online and the integration with Easypark’s hub means we can easily connect more facilities. This integration and the fact that the information is available through various parking apps means that we get a fairly comprehensive system that makes great use of a very small investment. In addition, with the City of Borås, we are now reviewing the possibilities of putting up more digital signs in the traffic environment to guide road users correctly.

New smart solution to collect parking information

Many municipalities have introduced parking guidance systems to improve accessibility and the environment. By helping motorists quickly find a vacant parking space, search traffic is reduced, and you can maintain a living city centre without car traffic becoming a problem.

Borås is one of these, where after testing the function in one car park, they have now expanded their system. Jonas Bratt, project manager at Infracontrol, tells us about a new smart solution:

– Usually, parking occupancy is measured with detectors or cameras, so you must purchase and install some equipment. But in Borås, we now get information about the number of ongoing parking for a certain area. This means that we have connected 55 parking facilities to the system without acquiring any new equipment.

It is an integration with EasyPark SmartHub that has made this possible. An essential advantage of the solution is that Easypark collects data from its payment service and other payment services for parking and ticket machines. This means that the parking guidance system can cover all paid parking.

Infracontrol Online collects information from all types of facilities and provides a good overview of available parking spaces.

A future-proof universal solution

Infracontrol’s cloud service Infracontrol Online collects and processes information from the car parks:

– Cities can connect parking solutions of all types to our system, says Jonas Bratt. It can be parking garages with individual parking lot systems, car parks with payment systems such as in Borås or car parks with some form of entrance and exit detection. In this way, our platform becomes a universal solution that gives complete control of the parking situation, regardless of the solutions and systems, now and in the future.

The information is presented on signs at the parking facilities and in various parking apps.

– By making the information about vacant parking available via more channels, you can plan your visit to the city in a better way and thereby reduce your impact on traffic, says Peter Ankarloo at Borås Kommuns Parkerings AB.

He says that at some car parks, signs show the number of available charging points for electric vehicles, which are requested more and more. In addition, the City of Borås is now reviewing the possibilities of supplementing with more digital signs in the traffic environment.

Information about available parking is available both at the car parks and via various parking apps.