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Work on safeguarding the course of the Mölndal River continues. Now Landvetter Lakes level management equipment at the Mölnlycke Factories is also being modernized. Wallenstam Naturenergi has engaged Infracontrol to equip the historic dam with a new control and monitoring system. The work is in conjunction with a project being carried out together with the SCCA and the municipalities affected to make sure the Mölndal River stays contained in the future.

Investigations have shown that level management equipment requires modernization to ensure the water course through the area stays safe, says Kaj Lamton, Wallenstam Naturenergi VP. We thought it was a good idea to engage Infracontrol for this project since we can coordinate the work and draw benefit from the experience gained from the larger project currently in progress.


Safer water flow

In 2011, the SCCA, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, together with the municipalities affected, took the initiative to ensure the future course of the Mölndal River. There are: a new monitoring system for technical support and to ensure all concerned have the same information on the current state of the water course; a number of systems for flow regulation and central control and a forecasting system to provide advice in extreme weather conditions.

This not only simplifies the organization’s daily work in regulating the Mölndal River but also facilitates consultations and decision making in extreme weather situations. By archiving the information, the organization is also able to learn from the past, observe long-term trends and adapt to future requirements.

Safe regulation

As part of this project, Infracontrol will provide the control points at Nedsjön and Stensjön with new control and monitoring equipment. Between these two lakes lies the larger Landvetter Lake, whose dam is located at Mölnlycke Factories, owned by Wallenstam.

The dam at Mölnlycke Factories is an important control point as the river runs through a sensitive industrial area of major cultural and commercial value, with both a railway and roads right alongside. But the dam is also important as a balancing reservoir and flood protection for the river and lake system downstream.

“We use dependable industrial solutions in order to achieve maximum operational reliability,” says Björn Johansson, Project Leader at Infracontrol: The new control and monitoring system is based on the same technical solution used in the other dams. Control and regulation takes place with the aid of the PLC system and local operation is controlled by touchscreen. The level is measured by a number of sensors and all of the readings are logged for follow-up and statistics.

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