Rörö, one of the 10 populated islands in Öckerö municipality. Photo: Öckerö municipality

Infracontrol Online is about to simplify every day life out in the beautiful Swedish West Coast archipelago, too. Öckerö is namely the latest in a long line of municipalities that have decided to connect to the service. The aim is to simplify work in the municipality and thereby improve service to citizens, companies and visitors. Importantly, submitting fault reports and observations will now be simplified, which will mean more and better information about open cases in the municipality.

Robert Svensson, Community Planning Manager in Öckerö municipality, talks about the benefits the service brings:

It will improve accessibility to our service and we will gain better control over open cases. We can allocate responsibility and follow-up execution more easily and generate statistics. Ours is a small organization and we recognize the advantages of having residents themselves provide information to a great extent. This lets us focus on preventive and remedial initiatives instead of administration.


Carefully thought-out, user-friendly solution

Infracontrol Online helps municipalities exercise control over their infrastructure by collecting information from both people and technical systems. This means municipalities enjoy a better overview and control, enabling them to improve service and reduce costs. All of the functions are designed in collaboration with the users and are intended for hassle-free use by anybody, something much appreciated by Robert Svensson at Öckerö municipality:

We chose Infracontrol Online because its a carefully thought-out solution for both residents and the municipality, he says. Many municipalities already make use of it, so the service is tried-and-tested, and the inclusion of a smartphone app makes it user friendly.

He says that initially, they will use the service in the areas of water supply and drainage, streets and street cleaning and recycling (waste). He sees an advantage in its being a cloud service and not an IT system that must be installed by the municipality:

Because it is a service means there is no burden on our local IT operation, and at the same time we also enjoy a high degree of security and simplified program maintenance.


Residents play an important part

Committed residents are one of the greatest assets a municipality can have, and simple, easily accessible means of submitting observations makes things easier still. This creates great teamwork between the municipality and residents and means that everyone has a sense of participation and feels better able to influence their surroundings. The forms for submitting fault reports and observations on the municipality’s website and smartphone apps are good examples.

Combined with the ability to call the citizens office, this adds up to a comprehensive solution, says Robert Svensson. The smartphone increases the chances of spontaneous fault reports and means a high degree of certainty in localizing every case.



Clear, simple functions for compiling statistics


Quality assurance in case management

In order for collaboration with residents to be constructive and enduring, it’s not enough just to receive information. It’s also necessary to ensure cases are sent to the right person for action, that actions are monitored and their status reported to residents.

An important Infracontrol Online function is ensuring that the right person gets the right information as quickly as possible, says Carina Karlsson, Business Development Manager. But an equally important function is assuring the quality of case management.

The service provides full control throughout the chain, from the information provider to the person taking action and closing the case. Simple functions for compiling and analyzing how every case is handled allow the municipality to make sure cases are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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