We’re now launching an upgraded Infracontrol Online function for traffic signal systems. It’s completely brand-independent and communication takes place directly between the control devices using the Roadside Message Protocol (RSMP) standard. The new module enables monitoring, control, logging and collection of traffic data in the installations. The first installations will be connected starting this February.

Per Andersson, product manager at Infracontrol, sees great opportunities for operators who want to gain better control and simpler operation of their installations and thus help improve road safety.

“We already have a large number of traffic signal installations of various kinds connected to Infracontrol Online, but here it’s a question of collecting data and processing alarms. The upgrade means that customers also gain access to functions such as software replacement, logging and traffic counting. Together with case handling for alarms and faults reports already available in Infracontrol Online, customers gain full control in a simple way.”


Brand-independent solution

Virtually all technical installations are of different makes and types, and connecting them to a host system is often a challenge. But Infracontrol Online is completely brand-independent, and the RSMP standard also means new opportunities.

“RSMP stands for Roadside Message Protocol,” informs Per Andersson. “It’s a standard for communication that enables the connection of traffic installations of various types and brands in a uniform manner.”

The protocol has opened up the way to connect traffic signal installations as most new control devices support the new standard.

The signal change chart shows the status of installations.

Control and logging

The upgraded functions include the ability to manage traffic signal installation control.

“It’s primarily about changing schedules and setting installations to flashing yellow,” says Per Andersson. “However, for safety reasons, programmed control is something customers prefer to do using other tools out in the installations.”

It’s easy to activate signal logging in the installations, for subsequent presentation and analysis.

Collecting traffic data

The traffic counting function provides access to valuable data for optimizing control functions and as support for long-term traffic planning.

“The ability of the control devices to record traffic data can be activated using the new functions in Infracontrol Online,” says Per Andersson. “The information can then be presented in a simple, intuitive charting tool.”

He tells us that the functions will be developed further moving forward, but that it’s important to limit functionality to retain simplicity and user-friendliness.
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