We recently concluded this year’s user survey, which gathered the thoughts and opinions of Infracontrol Online users. The survey was opened from June through August and we received many good, useful responses. The results show that we have many satisfied users, which was good to hear, but just as important are the observations about things that could be better. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who responded to the survey, who besides helping us get better at what we do also collected SEK 7,000, which we will now donate to the ChildFund Alliance.

Johan Höglund, Infracontrol CEO, is naturally pleased with the positive results from the user survey:

“Our goal is naturally for every user to be satisfied with our service, which is why we maintain a close dialog with all of the members of the Infracontrol Community. But our special user survey also gives us measurable results that help us in our constant endeavors to improve. We’re extremely pleased with the results, but we will of course continue to develop ourselves, our service and our collaboration with all of our users.”


Users are our basis for development

Infracontrol Online is used by just over 130 municipalities and public operations in Sweden, Norway and Portugal. More than 5,200 registered users constitute a valuable foundation for developing the service and its applications.

“Our users’ experience and their thoughts on potential improvements constitute the natural basis for our development efforts,” says Per Andersson, product manager for Infracontrol Online. “We always keep our customer wish-list up-to-date and it forms the basis for the new functions and improvements we implement.”

He tells us that this improvement process is constantly in progress and is not only discussed internally at Infracontrol but also within Infracontrol Community, which brings together users of Infracontrol Online. Ellinor Andersson, business developer at Infracontrol explains:

“In an initiative that we call ‘Make Cities Talk’, which includes conferences, field trips and the InfraCafé online forum, users are able to highlight and discuss challenges and opportunities within their fields of interest. Listening and taking part in these discussions teaches us a great deal and we are able to capture what is important to users.”



Many good reviews

Around 70 individuals responded to the user survey.
Of them, 80% use Infracontrol Online several times a week or every day. Concerning the responses to the question “What do you feel is the best thing about Infracontrol Online?” Ellinor Andersson says :

“The most common answers are that the service is simple and easy to understand, that customers enjoy rapid support and that Infracontrol maintains a close dialog with users. Another strength is ‘your willingness to develop and improve the service’”.

Safe childbirth for 28 moms!

Rounding up the 67 responses means a total of SEK 7,000. This will allow the ChildFund Alliance to help 28 moms have safe childbirths!

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