Infracontrol continues its success story in Portugal despite the pandemic. In fact these days, more and more municipalities can clearly see the necessity of digitizing their operations to maintain accessibility and service to their residence. Almada is one of the municipalities that began using the service during the spring, and in the past month three more municipalities have chosen Infracontrol to simplify management and assure quality through more efficient handling of fault reports, observations and technical alarms.

So far, close on 30 municipalities in Portugal have chosen Infracontrol Online, and more are expected to join during the fall. Jorge Barroso, Municipal Director of Urban Services in Almada municipality, is very pleased to have access to the service and use it to improve services to their residents:

“The fault reporting service allows us to get close to our residents. It helps us monitor and detect shortcomings or disruptions in our services and intervene more quickly throughout our operations area.”

The fault reporting app provides the municipality with valuable information from residents.


Valuable information from residents

One of the more recent customers in Portugal is Almada, located just south of Lisbon. The municipality has around 175,000 residents and is growing rapidly. It’s a major transport hub, with an important port and many industries. It also enjoys beautiful natural areas and many sandy beaches that provide opportunities for a rich and relaxing outdoor life for people throughout the Lisbon area.

“Just like many other municipalities, Almada wants to gain better control of its operations and improve its service,” says Martinho Gonçalves, Managing Director at Infracontrol Portugal. “They now have access to valuable feedback from their residents and can better control all cases in progress and their remedies.”

He says that every municipality that joins Infracontrol becomes an important new member of the Infracontrol Community, where they can share experiences and ideas with around 150 Portuguese and Swedish municipalities that make up the community.

Efficient case management means better service

Sesimbra is the very latest municipality to choose Infracontrol Online. Nuno Nuno Batista da Silva, advisor to the Mayor of Sesimbra, looks forward to simplifying work and improving services to their residents.

“Infracontrol Online simplifies, streamlines and renders all municipal management more efficient, making our work much smarter and more rational, and creating added value for everyone who works, lives or visits us in Sesimbra.”

Martinho Gonçalves tells us that one of Infracontrol Online’s strengths appreciated by Portuguese customers is its ability to automate the flow of cases from fault reporting or alarms all the way to the people who will carry out the actions.

“Different cases are passed quickly and easily to the right person. This not only means they get actioned much more quickly, but also that the municipality is able to deploy human resources for other things. Connecting technical alarms is another important function as it allows us to automate to an even greater extent and detect faults before they cause problems.”

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