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Danderyd municipality has also chosen Infracontrol Online to help simplify its dialog with residents and to improve its service. Initially, the municipalitys technical office will be using the service for simplified management of fault reports and observations, but there are also plans to connect alarms from traffic signals, public lighting and buildings. This will make work more efficient and reliable and relieve the administrative strain on case managers.

Sofie Enander is Infrastructure Manager in Danderyd municipality’s technical office. She tells us about some of the reasons they chose this particular service:

After surveying the market we saw that only Infracontrol Online had both alarm monitoring and fault/observation reporting in a ready-to-go user-friendly interface without our having to invest time and money on development and a bunch of special modifications for our municipality. Whats more, its available as a web service, which makes using it extremely simple for us.


Simplified processing of fault reports and operations alarms

Danderyd is the 40th municipality that has chosen connection to Infracontrol Online. Most of them use the service for processing fault reports, observations and alarms that concern their technical operations, and it is in this area Danderyd will also begin:

We will begin in the infrastructure department – highways/traffic, parks and nature and also quays and docks, says Sofie Enander, Infrastructure Manager in the technical office. The building department is next in line and in time several departments such as culture and leisure will probably get connected to the service.

She thinks it’s great when things can be made simpler for residents to submit their observations and get feedback and so Danderyd has chosen to provide its residents with Infracontrol’s smartphone app.

But the reason they chose Infracontrol Online was not just simplified processing of fault reports and observations, but because it was also possible to monitor technical installations using the same service.

Its naturally a great advantage if all information about malfunctions that concern our operation are brought together in a single, simple interface, says Sofie Enander. So in the future we intend to connect e.g. traffic lights, public lighting and various alarms in buildings with links to contractors. This will make work more efficient and reliable and relieve the administrative strain on case managers.



Two of Infracontrol Online’s major advantages are its simplicity and the speed with which it gets up and running

Service provides better control fast

Another reason for choosing Infracontrol Online is that the service is well adapted to the requirements of a municipality’s technical operation and as such is quick and easy to introduce. And as mentioned, it is a service and not a system that must be installed with the municipality.

This makes it more accessible and we dont have to have our own local system with vast amounts of data, says Sofie Enander. Reliability is something we also demand high standards for.

Summing up, it is the coordinated case management within the municipality’s technical operation that they seek to improve and simplify by using the service:

This will provide us with good control of our cases – who has said or done what. It will be easier for case managers, residents and customer service to monitor cases. We hope that all dialog with residents in the future can proceed via Infracontrol Online, concludes Sofie Enander.

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