A few years ago, Gnesta municipality decided to connect to Infracontrol Online to simplify and improve the working process in its technical department. Thanks to Infracontrol Online, the municipality has today an efficient, digital total solution. The solution involves receiving cases in digital format and the provision of digital feedback. At the same time, they have access to valuable statistics and are thus better able to control and follow-up their operation including external contractors.

Therés Östergren, technical administrator in Gnesta municipality, tells us why they chose Infracontrol Online:

– We needed a digital case management system that was able to handle fault reports for our operation regarding streets and parks, and which also enabled contractors to use the same system. At the same time, the system for handling incoming cases needed to be simple to learn. Based on our requirements, Infracontrol was the system that suited us best.


From analog to digital

With the aid of Infracontrol Online, Gnesta municipality has been able to leave behind all the paperwork and verbal cases and move to a fully digital service. Using Infracontrol Online, the municipality can easily extract valuable statistics on the number of incoming cases and thus improve its ability to control and follow-up its operations.

– Before we got Infracontrol, we were unable to see statistics properly. From what we can see now, lighting is the item we get most fault reports about, says Therés Östergren.

For Gnesta municipality, the main advantage with Infracontrol Online is their ability to receive and see cases digitally and provide digital feedback about the cases to customers.

– Infracontrol Online benefits many small municipalities by providing full control and making everything from alarms and fault reporting to taking action simpler. By having a single service that handles both fault reports from residents and alarms from technical installations, all information is available in a single place and the municipality is in full charge of any possible breakdown.

Infracontrol Online benefits many small municipalities by providing full control and making everything from alarms and fault reporting to taking action simpler.


A smart city platform for both residents and technical installations

Infracontrol Online went into operation in 2003 and there are many who take advantage of the system.

– We now have just above 150 customers in national and local government who use our service and we foresee a continued steady increase moving forward, says Simon Höglund, business developer. We unite them as a group through something we call Infracontrol Community where they can exchange experiences and help us continue improving the service.

Most Infracontrol Community members use the service for handling fault reports. But an important reason behind the choice of Infracontrol is the ability to connect technical installations, as Simon Höglund tells us:

– The technical installations in society’s infrastructure come from many suppliers and comprise different technologies in a variety of generations, functions and architectures. Furthermore, the responsibility for rectifying faults is spread across many different operators within maintenance personnel, contractors and control centers.

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