Region Gotland has been using Infracontrol Online since 2016 and for every year that passes it receives an increasing number of fault reports and observations from citizens. Infracontrol Online has helped them to improve the organization, structure and good order of their cases while also saving time and labor. They also raised the quality of the island’s water supply.

Camilla Sandelin, Head of Customer Service on Gotland, explains the main benefits of the service:

“Infracontrol Online has helped us improve accessibility and public service for our residents. The public app has meant an increase in the number of fault reports; residents can now more easily contact the appropriate person, and we can see how this engages people. Cases are handled quickly, more easily and within a reasonable time frame.”

At present, the island’s water supply is very vulnerable, and Infracontrol Online helps Region Gotland gather and manage fault reports related to wells and water quality.

The water supply poses challenges

Faults reported on Gotland include everything from wrongly parked cars and damaged road surfaces to overflowing trash cans. The most common reports concern water and sewer pipe defects. Gotland is Sweden’s largest island and a popular tourist resort. The number of residents increases almost tenfold in the summer, so it’s natural that the number of water and well-related faults increases during the same period.

“Today, the island’s water supply is facing challenges. Gotland is one of the counties in Sweden with the biggest problems, both with general and individual water supply,” says Camilla Sandelin. “Gotland has long mains, and water sometimes stagnates and must be flushed out. Customers bring this to Region Gotland’s attention.”

Last year, municipal water and sewer mains were connected to Infracontrol Online. Before connection to the system, Region Gotland had frequent meetings with the municipal water and sewerage department to set clear guidelines and procedures for establishing the system in Infracontrol Online.

Valuable information from residents

Infracontrol Online is easy to customize whenever new system capabilities are identified.

“We made some changes after a period of trial and error, and it was really rewarding to work so closely with the department. Today we have excellent procedures, especially in the water and sewerage department. We’ve seen a distinct improvement in case handling. We’re able to follow cases through the system and can see when they’re taken care of, which makes things much safer. The water and sewerage department in particular was interested to learn more about making things simpler and assuring quality. Something we’re very pleased with,” adds Camilla Sandelin.

A few years ago, the County Administrative Board developed a regional water supply plan, aimed at taking an integrated approach to Gotland’s water supply. The municipalities will ensure long-term protection of current and future drinking water supply and will carry out systematic and regular monitoring of water protection areas.

“We’d be pleased to see more departments joining the system such as public transit, the property department and, to a certain extent, the waste services department,” concludes Camilla.

We value residents’ reports as they help Region Gotland improve monitoring and the quality of service to them.

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