Linköping is one of the latest municipalities to make use of Infracontrol Online to simplify work in the operations and maintenance department and thus improve service to residents, companies and visitors. The service makes it easier to submit comments and faults and also gives the municipality better control of cases in progress and their rectification.

Through smart integration with the municipality’s GIS system, case management is automated to make work simpler. Mariella Andersson, who was project manager for the implementation of Infracontrol in Linköping municipality’s environmental and urban planning department, tells us why they chose Infracontrol’s cloud service:

– We needed a case management system for our operations and maintenance department and took a look at a number of systems. We chose Infracontrol, which was the system that best met our requirements. We also saw its great development potential in terms of case management and our working methods. The service will help us gain better control of our cases and provide faster, simpler case management in the field as well as at the office, and faster, simpler working methods both for our organization and external contractors.


Easier to report and handle issues

The Environment and urban planning department in Linköping is making case management simpler with the aid of Infracontrol Online. By making it easier for residents and companies to provide information to the municipality about things that aren’t working, the ability to provide good service is improved.

– One of the most important reasons for implementing this solution was our wanting to offer our residents a more flexible process for submitting observations or reporting faults, says Mariella Andersson. All they need to do is take a photo, give the location of the fault and add a description. Infracontrol then sends the information to the person responsible for ensuring that the fault actually will be fixed.

Simple, efficient case management monitors and quality-assures deliveries of operations contracts carried out for the municipality.

Smart integration with GIS simplifies case management

Like many other municipalities, Linköping has delegated much of its operations and maintenance work to various external contractors. The split can be both geographical or by technology field, such as lighting, shores, winter road maintenance etc.

– Keeping all this together is a challenge for the people handling the incoming cases, says Niklas Lennerstad, at Infracontrol.

Linköping has a map database with information about who is responsible for operations for different parts of the municipality’s infrastructure. Using this information, case management can be automated to make things easier for case handlers.

– We send a query to Linköping’s GIS system with information about the location and type of case. The reply tells us who’s responsible and can send them the case automatically.

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