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Four years ago, Ystad municipality decided to connect to Infracontrol Online. Since then, all fault reports have been quickly and simply passed on to those responsible for taking action, thus helping to reduce stress for those working in the municipality’s technical department. The ability to easily submit fault reports together with the availability of effective tools for managing cases allows the municipality to continue streamlining and assuring the quality of their services to residents, companies and visitors.

Per-Arne Ljung, in the Urban planning department in Ystad, talks about why they chose Infracontrol Online:

– We needed a system for reporting faults. When we were introduced to Infracontrol Online, I was attracted by its holistic approach. The service appeared to be well-thought-through and able to handle Ystad municipality’s requirements. Infracontrol Online is easy to use and we get historical background right from the beginning. It was soon up and running well – we can tell by the drop in the number of phone calls, and this means less stress for those of us who work with municipal operations.


Faster, better communications – from fault report to remedial action

Two of the biggest advantages with Infracontrol Online noted by Ystad municipality are the drop in the number of phone calls to them, and how much simpler it’s become for residents to contact them. When residents need to report a fault, they avoid being kept on hold, and the recipient gets the correct information – the kind of information that is otherwise easy to miss when taking a fault report over the phone. Among other things, Ystad municipality has seen an increase in the number of faults and observations reported in terms of maintenance and property issues, compared to before they used Infracontrol Online, but this is also extremely seasonal.

– We get a lot of snow jobs in the winter, and gritting and salting plays a part, says Per-Arne Ljung. During the spring, we have to clean up after the winter. We also note a rise on the property side, now that all of the caretakers have begun using Infracontrol.

Infracontrol Online benefits many small municipalities by providing full control and making everything from alarms and fault reporting to taking action simpler. By having a single service that handles both fault reports from residents and alarms from technical installations, all information is available in a single place and the municipality enjoys a better overview and control.

Infracontrol Online benefits many small municipalities by providing full control and making everything from alarms and fault reporting to taking action simpler.


A smart city platform for both residents and technical installations

Infracontrol Online went into operation in 2003 and there are many who take advantage of the service.

– We now have now just over 150 customers in national and municipal administrations who use our service and we foresee a continued steady increase moving forward, says Infracontrol project manager Niklas Lennerstad. We unite them as a group through something we call Infracontrol Community where they can exchange experiences and help us continue improving the service.

Most Infracontrol Community members use the service for handling fault reports. But an important reason behind the choice of Infracontrol is the ability to connect technical installations, as Niklas tells us:

– The technical installations in society’s infrastructure come from many suppliers and comprise different technologies in a variety of generations, functions and architectures. Furthermore, the responsibility for rectifying faults is spread across many different operators within maintenance personnel, contractors and control centers.

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