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More and more municipalities are joining Infracontrol to improve their service to residents. It’s mainly the simplicity and the ability to gather alarms and fault reports and assure the quality of external contractors that leads an increasing number to make use of the company’s cloud service. These days, Infracontrol Community is made up of 140 public operations that have simplified and streamlined their work. Its most recent members are Linköping, Norrtälje, Skellefteå, Årjäng and Trosa.

Christoffer Eriksson, Trosa municipality’s street and parking department engineer, tells us why they chose Infracontrol:

“Above all, it was the system’s simplicity for users and the constant feedback, and there was also the ability for us to follow up actions taken. We’re convinced that our case control will become so much better, as will access and service to our residents and communications between us and our contractors. In time, we’ll have the ability to plan maintenance work much better when all the information is available in one single place. The information received by the system makes it possible to reduce maintenance costs as we get entirely new statistics over all the faults we remedy during one year.”


A Smart City platform for residents and technical installations alike

Infracontrol Online went into operation in 2003 and has been running ever since, and there are now many who take advantage of the system.

“We now have around 140 customers in national and local government who use our service and we foresee a continued steady increase moving forward,” says Ellinor Andersson, business developer. “We unite them as a group through something we call Infracontrol Community where they can exchange experiences and help us continue improving the service.”

Most Infracontrol Community members use the service for handling fault reports. But an important reason behind the choice of Infracontrol is the ability to connect technical installations, as Ellinor Andersson tells us:

“The technical installations in society’s infrastructure come from many suppliers and comprise different technologies in a variety of generations, functions and architectures. Furthermore, the responsibility for rectifying faults is spread across many different operators within maintenance personnel, contractors and control centers.”

By having a single service that handles both fault reports from residents and alarms from technical installations, all information is available in a single place and the municipality is in full charge of any possible breakdown.

Simple mobile functions means rapid action

Once information is received about what is not working, it is of course important to distribute the information to the people in charge of fixing the fault.

“The most important qualities of our service are its simplicity of function and use and ease of access wherever one may be,” says Rasmus Höglund, interaction designer. “This is especially important for people working out in the field as they are often so remote, and many are external contractors who probably don’t use the service every day.”

He tells us that Infracontrol recently carried out a survey of maintenance personnel, and of the 70 who responded, 95% said that it was easy or very easy to receive cases and report their actions.

“This is a great grade, and certainly a major reason why so many choose Infracontrol Online to help their operations,” says Rasmus Höglund. “Simple case management and rapid rectification improve the service to residents and also allows municipalities to free up time for other things.”

He also says that improvement work is constantly in progress and that the results of the survey and other discussions held between Infracontrol Community members form the basis for that work.
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