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For a number of years, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration in Drammen has been using the web-based service Infracontrol Online to monitor and control its traffic lights. They will now go ahead and connect more equipment. Infracontrol’s new concept for connecting technical installations to the internet makes it simple, quick and easy to exercise full control and thus reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Were extremely pleased with Infracontrol Online, says Jan Wamstad from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. It’s a simple yet effective monitoring method for a comparatively low investment cost. Having full control over our technical equipment means operations and maintenance work are made simpler while we also avoid expensive operational disruptions since any faults are detected early.


Extended monitoring with Infracontrol Online

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration in Drammen invested in monitoring via Infracontrol Online back in 2006. They wanted to achieve better control of the city’s traffic light installations and also gain the ability to remotely control them in a simple way. Today around 25 installations are connected and there will probably be more in the future.

But now they will also be using the web-based service to control other technical equipment. It concerns monitoring temperatures and the power supply to a number of automatic traffic control cameras, known as ATC cameras.

Its 2011, and no technical equipment should go unmonitored, says Infracontrols CEO Johan Höglund. Big money is wasted every year and society’s basic functions are disrupted unnecessarily because we lack simple, effective monitoring. We have a simple solution for this and were pleased to see that more and more customers are discovering the capabilities of our web-based service.


Infracontrol Online Link – a simple way to connect installations

Connecting technical equipment is carried out with the help of Infracontrol’s new concept for quick and easy connection to wireless monitoring – Infracontrol Online Link.
Björn Johansson, Project Manager, tells us:

Infracontrol Online Link is a brand-independent solution comprising a number of sensors and an alarm transmitter for wireless connection to our monitoring service. Units are equipped with components best suited for the application. Because the solution is fully brand-independent, its components are easy to replace when new products with better prices, performance or function come onto the market.

It’s very easy for an electrician to install and connect Infracontrol Online Link to the equipment intended for monitoring. Units are configured and their functions checked before registration with Infracontrol Online via wireless communication.

Infracontrol Online Link costs around SEK 7,000 and may be paid in full or added to the subscription charge.

About Infracontrol Online

Infracontrol Online is a unique web-based service where operational alarms, fault reports and observations are collated into simple, easy-to-read cases. The service is also used to manage the overall control of technical functions within a community’s infrastructure such as street lighting and parking information.

Infracontrol Online provides everyday benefits by assuring quality, simplifying operations and maintenance work, reducing energy consumption and by the simple expedient of making sure the right person gets the right information at the right time. Today the service is used for many different applications by e.g. the Swedish Transport Administration, Swedish Airports, Oslo Tramways and a number of Swedish cities, towns and municipalities.

Infracontrol Online requires no software or hardware investments; all you need to use the service is a normal web browser or a cell phone.
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