Photo: Anders Karlsson / Blinkfyrar AB

Now, Trollhättan also gets a parking management system that can help residents and visitors quickly find a vacant parking space. The system measures the occupancy in six parking facilities and shows the way to empty parking spaces with 32 digital signs. The system is the result of a collaboration between the City of Trollhättan and some private car parks. The main supplier is Blinkfyrar AB, and Infracontrol is responsible for delivering the control and monitoring system.

 Daniel Mesa Moreno is the project manager at the department of urban planning in the City of Trollhättan, and the person who is responsible for the implementation of the project:

– Our ambition with the system is that it will be simple and straightforward for motorists to find a vacant parking space in central Trollhättan. In addition to being helpful for motorists, we expect to have less unnecessary search traffic and thereby improve accessibility and reduce the burden on our city’s environment.

All user functions are available both by web and mobile. This applies partly to the operational monitoring that sends alarms if something does not work as it should and partly to the functions for setting parameters, such as the calibration of the number of occupied spaces in a car park.

A well-proven and reliable solution

More and more municipalities are introducing parking management systems to improve availability and the environment. By quickly helping motorists find a vacant parking space, search traffic is reduced, and one can maintain a vibrant center without car traffic becoming a major problem.

Trollhättan has now got a parking management system, with 32 LED signs showing the way to six parking facilities. Jonas Bratt, project manager at Infracontrol, says that it is a well-proven solution that is used in about 15 cities in Sweden and that the basic principle is quite simple:

– The parking management system counts the number of entry and exit cars using magnetic loops or other sensors in the parking facilities. The information is collected by Infracontrol Online, which then presents the number of vacancies on the variable signs.

It is important that the information displayed is reliable for motorists to have confidence in the system. Therefore, high demands are placed on operational reliability, which Infracontrol Online keeps track of with effective operational monitoring that detects any faults so that they can be resolved quickly.

Anders Karlsson at Blinkfyrar has extensive experience of this type of system and finds that the project in Trollhättan has been easy to implement:

– I have been involved in delivering this type of system together with Infracontrol to many cities; thus, we have a well-established collaboration. The system solution is flexible and can be expanded and adapted as needed, so I believe that it will be useful in Trollhättan for a long time to come.

The parking information is easily accessible in Infracontrol Online and can thus be easily downloaded and presented in other services and systems.

Infracontrol Online collects information from all types of parking systems and provides a complete overview of the entire system.

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