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Boden municipality is making its future simpler by connecting to Infracontrol Online. Excellent references, fast implementation, ready-made web forms and apps, better follow-up and analysis capabilities were just some of its reasons for choosing the service. As in many other municipalities, the aim is to streamline and simplify case management within technical administration in order to provide better service and enjoy a better dialog with residents.

Eva Blomgren, Boden municipality Technical Administration IT/GIS Coordinator, talks about some of the advantages of using Infracontrol Online in their operation:

We hope our maintenance personnel can be more accessible than today. They are often out on the road and when they get a telephone message they can maybe swing by and check or action the problem right away. Today they have a great number of telephone cases, but with the new service it will be simpler to prioritize and keep everything in order.
And faster feedback once something is remedied is naturally another advantage. If any of our personnel are away their case remain in the system. It
s all kept in one place. Which is great.


Up and running fast

In common with many other municipalities, Boden wanted to get up and running fast and to begin benefiting from the service in its day-to-day operations. Boden municipality Technical Administration IT/GIS Coordinator, Eva Blomgren, tells us:

We chose Infracontrol Online among other reasons because its a functioning system with functioning apps and ready-made web forms. It is a simple service that can be put into operation quickly and easily without a whole bunch of training. Wed heard good things about it from neighboring municipalities, and the sticker price for the service was good.

She says its being a web-based service is an advantage as there is no need to invest in a lot of hardware and perform installations on site. Another advantage is its scalability, which makes it possible to begin on a small scale and then extend the use of the service.

“We will begin with street operations and fault reporting about e.g. public lighting and anything else to do with streets, as well as garbage collection for reporting broken containers, says Eva Blomgren. We also see possibilities for extending the service to other departments where there are additional fields of application.


Infracontrol Online puts us in complete charge of every case wherever we are.

Better dialogue with residents

Infracontrol Online is an effective, simple means of communication within the municipality:

Being able to enter cases directly into the system makes life easier internally as we avoid having to send emails about things residents call in or come to the office about, says Eva Blomgren.

But she says it is above all dialogs with residents that will improve:

The web form and the smartphone app for residents are awesome. Fault reports will go directly to the right person for action, and residents can also submit them whenever they like. They get feedback about their cases and also get to know when things have been taken care of, if they request that kind of feedback.


Monitoring technical alarms

It’s best to detect and remedy faults before they have time to cause malfunctions. Boden municipality also recognizes the advantage of connecting alarms:

The first thing we looked at was connecting lighting centers, but we also see them as a means to monitor our pumping stations to get alerts about any operational malfunctions, as the service makes it easy to retrieve statistics and historical data, says Eva Blomgren.


Making life simpler

Eva Blomgren says that thanks to a better overview they are now able to manage and prioritize cases quicker more easily. This means they can provide a better service with the same resources.

They also have access to better follow-up, and with the aid of functions for statistics and analysis they can see where they may need to take various measures to improve and simplify everyday life for residents.
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