When Tjolöholm Castle was completed in 1904 it was equipped with the latest technology of the age. And now it’s seeking help from the information technology from our own age to better preserve and develop its treasures. By providing both users and administrators the ability to update and receive information, operations and maintenance costs can be reduced while everyday life is made easier for the operation.

It’s a complex operation with many involved parties and a property that comprises many different premises, says Maria Sidén. Apart from the actual castle, we have around 30 different buildings, the gardens and surrounding lands.
Our ambition is to preserve and develop both the property and the business in the best possible way. With reliable documentation we are able to prioritise and plan operational and maintenance work and thus achieve more with the resources we have.


Early adopter of modern technology

Bordered by beautiful gardens and right by the sea, Tjolöholm Castle seems to rise out of the surrounding countryside, amazing in its almost new appearance. But as a castle it is young in many ways. It was completed in 1904 and was equipped with what was then the very latest technology. An advanced warm air heating system, all-around showers in the bathrooms and a horse-drawn vacuum cleaner made sure comfort levels were tip top.

The castle is visited by 250,000 people every year who not only enjoy the beautiful surroundings but also the unique castle. Maria Sidén is Managing Director and runs a business that encompasses everything from visitors to weddings and events within art, music and theatre, in addition to running and maintaining the property.

IT helps save financial and cultural treasures

It’s necessary to keep all information together as the operation is so complex and so many people are involved. With reliable documentation it’s easier to prioritise and plan operational and maintenance work and thus achieve more with the resources available.

Which is why the castle is seeking help from Infracontrol Online to keep the sharpest possible eye on equipment status. Information necessary for the planning of operations and maintenance work is thus accessible to all who need it, whether it be the registration of faults and faults, reporting actions taken or reminders about mandatory inspections.

Restoration Architect Per Arne Ivarsson is currently working on cataloguing Tjolöholm’s installations. He is using Infracontrol Online to register the status of the buildings.

By having continually updated information about how the buildings are faring we’re able to rectify problems in time and save major economical and cultural treasure. When users, caretakers, administrators and owners all have access to accurate, up-to-date information, existing knowledge about the buildings can really be put to good use and provide a chance to reduce costs.


About Infracontrol Online

Infracontrol Online is a unique web-based service where operational alarms, fault reports and comments are collated into simple, easy-to-read cases. The service is also used to manage the overall control of technical functions within a community’s infrastructure such as street lighting and parking information.

Infracontrol Online provides everyday benefits by assuring quality, simplifying operations and maintenance work, reducing energy consumption and by the simple expedient of making sure the right person gets the right information at the right time. Today the service is used for many different applications by e.g. the Swedish Transport Administration, Swedavia, Oslo Tramways and a number of Swedish cities, towns and municipalities.

Infracontrol Online requires no software or hardware investments; all you need to use the service is a normal web browser or a mobile phone.
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