Infracontrol Online has delivered smart lighting control for the Swedish Transport Administration Western Region. It enables the reduction of energy consumption while simplifying operations and maintenance work. Infracontrol Online allows customers to continue being brand independent with full freedom to purchase and connect different types of control units to suit their varying requirements.

Infracontrol Online provides us with a single focal point and control over all of our different technical installations regardless of function or make, says Berth Thorsson. It makes life easier for us and for our operations contractors as we have access to every function via the internet and mobile phones.

What’s more, the Transport Administration will continue to enjoy full freedom of choice when purchasing future control units without being bound to a specific supplier. This allows users to draw benefit from technical advances in the field and also keep costs down.  

Reduced energy consumption through smarter control

Smarter highway and street lighting has proved to be a good way to save a great deal of energy and simplify operations and maintenance work. Previously we told you about how Stockholm, Malmö and Arlanda Airport control lighting using Infracontrol Online as the supervisory system. Now the solution is also being introduced by the Swedish Transport Administration Western Region for their lighting installations.

The object of the new control system is to reduce energy consumption through the ability to control on/off times, says Berth Thorsson, Electrical Technician/Electrical Safety Manager, the Swedish Transport Administration Western Region. This was not possible until now because control was spread over a large number of locations.

Annual energy costs for lighting installations is around SEK 15 million according to Berth Thorsson. He says it’s too early to comment on the estimated savings, which will depend on how well they can trim lighting up and switch-off times.

A conservative calculation based on an annual operating time of 4,000 hours shows annual savings to be around SEK 700,000 just from lighting up 15 minutes later and switching off 15 minutes earlier every day.

In this case the solution is based on equipping around 350 lighting control cabins across the region with SC-200 control units from Capelon. The control units are connected to Infracontrol Online via GPRS; Infracontrol Online is responsible for central control with the aid of an existing light sensor located on the Älvsborg Bridge.

The Transport Administration has used Infracontrol Online for supervision of its technical installations since 2006, and using this brand-independent web-based service was the natural choice for lighting control.

About Infracontrol Online

Infracontrol Online is a unique web-based service where operational alarms, fault reports and comments are collated into simple, easy-to-read cases. The service is also used to manage the overall control of technical functions within a community’s infrastructure such as street lighting and parking information.

Infracontrol Online provides everyday benefits by assuring quality, simplifying operations and maintenance work, reducing energy consumption and by the simple expedient of making sure the right person gets the right information at the right time. Today the service is used for many different applications by e.g. the Swedish Transport Administration, Swedavia, Oslo Tramways and a number of Swedish cities, towns and municipalities.

Infracontrol Online requires no software or hardware investments; all you need to use the service is a normal web browser or a mobile phone.
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