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Now Vellinge has also connected to Infracontrol Online to improve its service to residents, companies and visitors. The service is a link between the Vellinge Direkt customer service, the technical unit and the municipalitys contractors. As such, it will provide a better overview and control over reported faults, observations and work orders and simplify the follow-up of cases. Vellinge appreciates being able to access the service from anywhere and avoid having to install and administer its own IT system.

Kalle Koinberg Henrikson, Drainage Engineer at Vellinge municipality, explains that a project to replace the municipality’s previous fault reporting system was begun during the fall of 2012:

A group comprising representatives from the IT department, Vellinge Direkt municipal customer services, the GIS department and the technical unit, discussed our requirements and the functions necessary for a new fault reporting system. This resulted in a requirements list adapted to our operation. Several different suppliers were consulted; they presented their products and submitted offers. We chose Infracontrol as it was the service that best met our requirements and wishes.


Simple service means better service

Because Vellinge municipality sought to offer residents, companies and visitors even better, faster service they chose to connect to Infracontrol Online. One objective of the new, simplified, more efficient case management system was a reduction in the amount of telephone calls to Vellinge Direkt customer services and the technical unit.

Kalle Koinberg Henrikson, Drainage Engineer at Vellinge municipality, is optimistic ahead of service commissioning, planned for the middle of November:

The system is intended to be a link between customer services, the technical unit and the municipalitys operations, care and maintenance contractors. As one of its most important functions, the service allows supervision and follow-up of all cases in respect of fault reports, observations and work orders between different users.

More and more municipalities are discovering the major advantages of purchasing this type of support in the form of a service. It’s something we appreciate greatly in Vellinge, too:

The advantages include not having to install software on all of our computers and not having to install software upgrades every time they are released, says Kalle Koinberg Henrikson. Any number of users have simple access to the service, which is also a plus. And because its an online service, the functions have the potential for more rapid development than if they were installed programs.


Focal point

A lot of people and a lot of important technology must work together to make everyday life function for residents, companies and visitors.

So we need a focal point for all information that is easily accessible for everyone concerned, says Per Andersson, Product Manager at Infracontrol Online.

He tells us the service was created to meet exactly this need and that it has a number of qualities that make it unique in the marketplace:

Not only does it have simple, wireless user functions for the municipalitys case managers, contractors and residents, but the service is also easy to integrate with other systems.

It could mean receiving alarms from technical installations or exchanging information with other case management and document management systems.
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