Mölndal’s city center is undergoing an extensive modernization and transformation with new homes, retail stores and places to meet. In order to improve accessibility and the environment, the city is installing a parking guidance system that will help residents and visitors quickly find a parking spot. Together with Infracontrol, Focus Electronic will provide the system with 30 dynamic parking signs that will lead the way to available spots in 6 parking facilities.

Sebastian Mattsson is project manager in the technical administration in Mölndal and is in charge of the introduction of the parking guidance system:

“We’ve completed a procurement under which Focus Electronic together with Infracontrol entered the winning tender, and we feel secure in the light of the many good references from previous customers. We estimate that the parking guidance system will reduce the traffic hunting for spots, improve traffic flow and thus contribute to greater accessibility and a better environment in our new city center. The system also gives the city a good picture of vacancy levels in the parking facilities over time, and thus the ability to make use of the facilities efficiently as we continue to extend the city center.”


Tried-and-tested solution

An increasing number of municipalities are introducing parking guidance systems to improve traffic flows and the environment. Helping motorists quickly find a parking spot reduces unnecessary spot hunting traffic and maintains a living city center and prevents car traffic becoming a major problem.

Mölndal has also chosen to invest in this solution and the system has been purchased by Focus Electronic where Anders Karlsson is the project manager. The first phase is planned to come on stream after this summer. The system consists of signs, a counting system and the central function comprising Infracontrol’s cloud service, Infracontrol Online.

“We’re pleased to have been awarded this procurement together with Infracontrol,” says Anders Karlsson, project manager at Focus Electronic. “We’ve supplied a great number of systems of this type up until now, so we know what needs to be done. Signs, counting systems and Infracontrol’s central system are all tried-and-tested components. It’s rewarding and meaningful to deliver this type of system as it benefits the residents and contributes to improved access and a better environment.”


Easily accessible parking information

Jonas Bratt, project manager at Infracontrol, tells us that the established solution the system builds on works well and is in use in around 15 cities.
He explains briefly how it all works:

“The parking guidance system counts the number of cars passing in and out and the number of vacant spots in the parking facilities. The information is collected by Infracontrol Online, which then displays the number of vacant spaces on the variable message signs located in the traffic system.”

He goes on to explain that the information is easily accessible at Infracontrol Online, which makes it easy to retrieve and present on e.g. the municipality’s website or various types of parking apps.

Flexible, cellular service

One of the biggest advantages with Infracontrol Online is that the service is easy to adapt to changing needs. Wireless communication, camera monitoring, and simple configuration functions make it easy to remove or add more signs and parking facilities whenever needed. What’s more, it’s easy to access all of the functions in the system:

“All user functions are accessed via the internet or smartphone,” Jonas Bratt tells us. “This applies to operations monitoring, which transmits alarms to personnel if something is not working as it should, and also for setting parameters such as the number of occupied spaces in a parking facility.”

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