Infracontrol has received a repeat order for the maintenance and development of a national support system for road traffic management. The system is used by traffic and operations managers to monitor and control traffic nationwide; with the aid of e.g. more than 2,000 predefined and quality-assured contingency plans, the powerful decision support system helps manage all kinds of situations quickly and safely. The new agreement is initially valid until December 31, 2023.

Infracontrol has extensive experience from traffic management centers. By maintaining a sharp focus on users, Infracontrol has created simple, intuitive support systems that have been making everyday life easier for both traffic managers and road users since 1993. Johan Höglund, Infracontrol’s CEO, is very pleased with the continued show of confidence:

“The system, known as NTS, is the Swedish Transport Administration’s national traffic management system. It creates a highly user-friendly, uniform working environment that links and standardizes different functions while providing traffic managers with an easy-to-use, efficient decision support tool. The system was delivered in 2004 and has been under constant development and extension as additional traffic installations are connected. Being able to continue this work is very gratifying.”

Utterly unique solution based on long experience

Because the increasing pace of urbanization creates the need for improvements in traffic safety, accessibility and the environment, there is a great need around the world for fast, efficient support systems for traffic managers. NTS, the Swedish Transport Administration’s national system for traffic management is a solution unique in global terms, and one which has received many awards. Johan Höglund:

“We’ve been the main supplier of NTS since 2009 and we’re responsible for the ongoing development and adaptation of the system. We do this in very close collaboration with our English partner, Nicander. It’s very satisfying to once again be entrusted with the development and maintenance of this important system while also contributing with our expertise and experience in the creation of the new system, which will provide safe, efficient traffic management support long into the future.”

A powerful decision support system

NTS provides supervision and control of road traffic. The system is a powerful decision support tool used by traffic managers and operations managers at the four traffic management centers in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Gävle for monitoring and controlling traffic nationwide. The system helps traffic managers deal with all kinds of situations quickly and safely with the aid of e.g. more than 2,000 predefined, quality-assured contingency plans.

“The purpose of NTS is to provide easy-to-use, efficient support in various situations and contribute to the improvement of road traffic safety and traffic flow,” says Johan Gunnarsson, who is project manager at Infracontrol. “The system helps traffic managers handle all kinds of situations quickly and safely, which in practical terms is about everything from collaboration with authorities, the media and general public to the control and monitoring of traffic equipment such as boom barriers, road signs and cameras.” 

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