In summing up the past year, we note that a further 42 municipalities chose to connect to Infracontrol Online during 2015. In all, there are almost 100 municipalities that now have the means to simplify their technical administration and improve service to their citizens. Fault reports and alarms are quickly and simply passed on to those responsible for taking action, and the system provides both efficient quality assurance regarding operations and maintenance work and documentation for prioritizing future actions. 

Christel Wohlin is Head of Technical Administration at the traffic department in Sjöbo:

We chose Infracontrol because it seemed to be a comprehensive service of exactly the type we were looking for and the company came across as cooperative; it focuses on development and is attentive to the customer’s wishes. For our own part, the greatest benefit is the statistics; for customer services the flexible case handling and follow-up, and the benefits for the municipality’s citizens are accessibility and feedback.


Why do so many municipalities choose Infracontrol Online?

Easiest would be to ask some of them, which we have done. Sjöbo municipality told us why on the front of this leaflet. Here are a few more reasons:

Ystads municipality – Emilia Löfgren, Technical Manager:

We chose Infracontrol because the program seemed well thought through and could handle all of our requirements. And the fact that they’re working on a program that will be able to process excavation notifications was also a plus. We have only ever heard positive comments from other users. We feel the biggest benefits with the service are in making it easier for citizens to contact the municipality and to give them the means to make fault reports themselves, reducing the number of telephone calls and simpler registration of observations and fault reports. It’s also easier for citizens to see each other’s cases.



Infracontrol Online benefits many small municipalities by providing full control and making everything from alarms, fault reporting to taking action simpler.


Vara municipality – Teresa Kalisky, Technical Manager:

We chose Infracontrol because the price was competitive compared to its closest rival as regards both the start-up price and monthly fee. And the monthly fee covers unlimited users – another plus. The services were similar, even though the competitor had a feedback function with somewhat higher quality. The greatest benefits for us are the ability to follow-up cases and the fact that citizens and municipal employees can themselves report cases and get feedback on them without their getting lost among other cases. Lastly, a statistical overview of the number and type of cases.


Terra Quente and Terra Fria local authority associations Presidents Manuel Miranda and Hugo Trigo

The Association of local authorities comprises a total of 10 municipalities in northern Portugal.

We chose Infracontrol because the service makes us more accessible to our residents, which means we can receive valuable information about things that need improvement. But above all, our own organization has access to a simple, efficient service that helps us gain control of all our cases and make sure they are actioned. It also helps us assure the quality of the service we deliver to our citizens as we have access to an excellent tool for follow-up and analysis.

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