Photo: Gnosjö municipalityMore and more municipalities are connecting to Infracontrol Online to streamline their technical administration and improve service to residents. In particular, it’s the ability to collect both alarms and fault reports along with the availability of more efficient quality assurance of contractors that lead many to choose to make use of the cloud service. Currently, Infracontrol Community comprises 160 public sector operations, where Gnosjö is one of the very latest members together with e.g. Avesta, Finspång, Lidköping, Partille and Sigtuna.

Marie Nilsson, Mapping & GIS engineer at Gnosjö municipality’s Technical, Leisure and Recreation Department tells us why they chose Infracontrol:

“The public app for fault reporting and the ability to submit observations are the most important components. It gives our municipal residents the ability to communicate with us quickly and simply. Infracontrol Online is simple and user-friendly and we regard the ability to adapt the system to our needs ourselves as a great advantage. We also feel the ability to search for statistics is valuable.”


Structure and overview provide conditions for better service

Gnosjö municipality introduced Infracontrol Online into its operation during the fall, and the fault reporting app was released for residents just a few weeks ago.

“We were lacking a system that gives a coherent picture of our cases,” says Marie Nilsson. “Now we have statistics to support planning and prioritizing, and we can follow up in ways that were not possible before. Infracontrol Online provides us with a more structured working method. No cases fall between the cracks; we enjoy more effective case management and a better, extended service through automated feedback to people submitting reports.”

Advantages include how easy the service can be supplemented and modified over time, and how easy it is to extend its area of use to allow more departments to benefit from increased accessibility and a more efficient workflow.

“The case management system is used in all of the technical, leisure and recreation department’s areas of operation,” says Marie Nilsson. “Many cases concern streets and municipal buildings, and moving forward we also hope to integrate road administrators, road maintainers and building administrators into the system. By way of introduction, we’ve chosen to pass information on to them.”


An unusually smart Smart City platform for residents and technical installations alike

Infracontrol Online went into operation in 2003 and has been running ever since, and there are now many who take advantage of the system.

“We now have just over 160 customers in national and local government who use our service and we foresee a continued steady increase moving forward,” says David Gustafsson, business developer. “We unite them as a group through something we call Infracontrol Community where they can exchange experiences and help us continue improving the service.”

Most Infracontrol Community members use the service for handling fault reports. But an important reason behind the choice of Infracontrol is the ability to connect technical installations, as David Gustafsson tells us:

“The technical installations in society’s infrastructure come from many suppliers and comprise different technologies in a variety of generations, functions and architectures. Furthermore, the responsibility for rectifying faults is spread across many different operators within maintenance personnel, contractors and control centers.”

By having a single service that handles both fault reports from residents and alarms from technical installations, all information is available in a single place and the municipality is in full charge of any possible breakdown.

Infracontrol Online benefits many small municipalities by providing full control and making everything from alarms and fault reporting to taking action simpler.

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