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Uddevalla began the assignment by introducing Infracontrol Online into the municipality’s technical administration in September, 2012. Following a quick, simple startup, they have now been using the service for just over three months. The result is improved control over events in the municipality, which means they can provide better information and service to residents. At the same time, they have improved the ability to follow up and plan operations and maintenance work. They appreciate its being so simple to use and the fact that it is just a service, i.e. they avoid having to own and administer their own IT system for this purpose.

Patrik Petré, Technical Manager at Uddevalla municipality, talks about the benefits the new service brings:

Because we gather all information to a single point, we gain control over what is happening and can provide better information and thus better service. Previously, we used up a lot of time forwarding information and it was also difficult to follow up actions. Now we see the whole picture. Were able to use the statistics the system generates for planning and preventive action. 


Easy to use and understand

An increasing number of municipalities have chosen to connect to Infracontrol Online to gain better control over their infrastructure. The reason is the unique way in which the service provides simple, coordinated case handling for fault reports, observations, technical alarms and important readings. Uddevalla is among the communities using this service.

We chose Infracontrol Online as we wanted a system thats easy to use and understand, says Patrik Petré, Technical Manager at Uddevalla municipality. And its being a web-based service is also an advantage, as there is no need to own and run the system ourselves or install it on everyones computers. Infracontrol Online suits our operation extremely well.

Patrik Petré explains that it is a customer service tool in the municipality’s technical administration, which is also responsible for streets and parks; buildings; land and land development and the service department. Observations and fault reports are gathered and become cases distributed to the person concerned within the municipality and to contractors.

Better dialogue with residents

The principal aim in using Infracontrol Online is to achieve a better overall picture and control over what is happening in the municipality. It enables them to improve information and service to residents.
Patrik Petré explains that this is why good communications are essential:

It has to be easy for residents to submit a fault report, and our website form simplifies things for everyone. We will also begin using the smartphone app, which will provide yet another means of submitting fault reports. It means a better dialog with our residents.



Satellite imagery is one way of getting better overviews with Infracontrol Online


Infracontrol Online Community

Emil Jadenberg, Infracontrol Business Development Manager, says that a major advantage in connecting to Infracontrol Online is automatic membership in the Infracontrol Online Community:

The more members there are, the more good ideas and useful experiences contributed. The beauty of this concept is that everyone pools their knowledge and by doing so, they help the service add more and better functions.”

Infracontrol Online is upgraded with new intelligent functions and improvements around four times a year, and these are shared automatically with everyone.
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