Following the successes with Infracontrol Online in Sweden and Portugal, Infracontrol is now opening a subsidiary in Denmark with a local office in Copenhagen. Here too, there is a need to gain a little more control of society’s infrastructure and assure the quality of the technical administration within public operations. The automatic processing of fault reports, observations and alarms will allow customers to streamline operations and maintenance work, and thus both improve their service and free up resources for value-creating activities.

Steen Rye Jeppesen, who is in charge of the operation in Denmark, feels there are excellent prospects for establishing good partnerships with Danish municipalities in the same way Infracontrol has done in Sweden and Portugal:

“There are major opportunities for streamlining the technical administration of national and local government by improving and automating the flow of information. By making it easier for residents to report faults, and by collecting alarm data from technical installations, we gain access to valuable information that allows us to plan more effectively and take action faster. This means expensive disruptions are avoided and important resources are freed up.”


A growing international community

Infracontrol’s investment in the international market is off to an excellent start. Infracontrol Online is currently used by just over 130 customers, of which 24 are Portuguese municipalities. In addition to these, there are a number of nascent pilot customers in Spain.

“The investments in Portugal and Spain were important steps in our internationalization,” says CEO Johan Höglund. “Initially, it was all about verifying the service’s functions and our business model in an International market. Things have gone very well and we’ve now established operations in these countries.”

He tells us that one of the greatest assets arising from internationalization is Infracontrol Community’s creation of a circle where knowledge and experience can be shared across borders.

“Now we’re setting up a subsidiary in Denmark and we hope that we achieve a rapidly growing community here too, with even more municipalities making use of our cloud service. Every new member brings new know-how and helps strengthen our joint efforts to simplify and improve everyday life for residents, companies and visitors.”


Constructive citizen dialogs

Infracontrol Online provides municipalities with the unique ability to create constructive, involved teamwork with residents. But in order for this to work, there needs to be a good dialog:

“Committed residents are the biggest asset a community has,” says Johan Höglund “Providing an easy way to report faults is important, but if we are to achieve a long-term, constructive dialog with residents we must create involvement by making sure information submitted is truly put to use and makes a difference.”

According to Johan Höglund, the most important thing is that residents notice that when faults get reported they get fixed quickly. It boosts cooperation and enhances the willingness to create a society that functions better.
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