After a successful launch of Infracontrol Online in Portugal, we’re now also opening a subsidiary in Spain with a local office in Madrid. Spanish municipalities have shown great interest and we expect around ten to connect to our cloud service in the months ahead. They are looking to simplify their technical administration and quality assure their service to residents through simpler, more efficient management of fault reports, observations and alarms in the same way as municipalities in Sweden and Portugal.

Missael Lundqvist, International Managing Director at Infracontrol, tells us that the Spanish municipalities he has hitherto met have shown great interest:

“Just as in Portugal, there is a great need to streamline and assure the quality of operations here, primarily within the public sector. Infracontrol Online provides a unique solution that fits the Spanish market extremely well as it is a tried-and-tested service intended for precisely this purpose, with extremely good references from Portugal and Sweden.”


An international community

Infracontrol’s investment in the international market is off to an excellent start. Infracontrol Online is currently used by just over 100 customers, of which around 20 are Portuguese municipalities.

“The investment in Portugal was an important step in our internationalization,” says CEO Johan Höglund. “Initially, it was all about verifying the service’s functions and our business model in an entirely new geographical market. For some time now, it’s been all about taking care of the customers we have, keeping up with deliveries in response to increasing demand and making sure we implement our experiences when developing the service and its applications.”

He tells us that one of the greatest assets arising from internationalization is Infracontrol Community’s creation of a circle where knowledge and experience can be shared across borders.

“The rapid development within IT and communications simplifies the internationalization of the service. It means we can offer the service practically anywhere. But of course, the most important thing is to share all the knowledge and experience of its benefits among our various users.”


Major opportunities in more countries

Missael Lundqvist is International Managing Director and responsible for establishing Infracontrol in southern Europe. He says that the company’s cloud service has much to offer in these countries:

“We know from our experiences in Sweden and Portugal that there is a great need to gain better control over society’s infrastructure and its basic functions. Naturally, the same applies to other countries and a cloud service means there are no borders to hinder our operating anywhere in the world.”

He explains they are now focusing on Portugal and Spain, but municipalities in Italy and France have also shown great interest.



Infracontrol Online is used in Portugal in exactly the same way as in Sweden. Now the service is also available in Spanish, which opens up new opportunities to reach an even bigger market. Shown here is a case view from Torres Vedras.


Good references from Portugal

Torres Vedras was the first municipality to connect to Infracontrol Online. Carlos Bernardes, Vice President, says that, having used the service for around a year, experiences are very good:

“Different cases are passed quickly and simply to the right person. This not only means they are actioned much more quickly, but that we are also able to use resources for other things. Connecting technical alarms is an important capability for the future, as it will allow us to detect faults before they can cause problems.”

Vila Pouca de Aguiar is another municipality whose operations have benefited from Infracontrol Online. Paulo Pimenta, assistant to the municipality’s President, is extremely pleased thus far and says they have improved their service to residents:

“It’s easy for our residents to submit observations and record faults. At the same time, the municipality enjoys better control and can provide appropriate answers quickly to the questions we receive. Infracontrol Online also helps us make sure that all of the measures are implemented, and in this way we assure the quality of our service to citizens.”

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