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Floods are an unwelcome and unfortunately often recurring problem in our infrastructure. Now Infracontrol has made it possible to quickly and easily get information about water levels and transmit flood warnings.  Simple measuring stations connected to Infracontrol Online monitor levels constantly and allow warning messages to be sent to the managers concerned. It’s also possible for property owners and the general public to have quick and easy access to the warnings via a subscription service.

Emil Jadenberg, Business Development Manager at Infracontrol, tells us that flash floods are not only difficult to predict but also cause major, and above all unnecessary, damage.

The purpose of this solution is to provide better real-time awareness and quickly reach out with information when it really matters. Then we at least get a chance to take action such as closing roads, moving vehicles or emptying basements of valuable items.


Package solution keeps things simple

To make keeping an eye on water levels simpler, Infracontrol has created a package solution consisting of a level sensor, measuring unit and a GPRS modem mounted in a stainless steel cabinet for installation on e.g. jetties or underpasses. When the power supply is switched on, the measuring station connects automatically to Infracontrol Online. All functions are configured via GPRS.
Mattias Ström, Development Manager, tells us that simplicity is the beauty of this solution:

This type of simple equipment and a connection to our cloud service makes for an extremely robust, reliable system that requires little maintenance. The costs are lower than for more advanced measuring systems, which hopefully means more places will get measured instead. If required, the system can be supplemented with sensors for e.g. precipitation and wind.

The measuring stations deliver a constant stream of data to Infracontrol Online, which displays the information, and based on set parameters, predefined alert messages can be created automatically.

As a first priority, alerts are sent to operations managers in e.g. the municipality, but its also possible to let property owners, companies and residents subscribe to alert messages, says Mattias Ström. This feature is suitable once its certain a flood is definitely on the way.


Valuable decision support data

Information from the measuring stations is logged continuously at Infracontrol Online and provides valuable information about how water levels vary over time and in different circumstances. By adding sensors for e.g. watercourse flows, precipitation, winds etc., it’s possible to produce even better documentation for more thorough analysis. This can form the basis for decisions for actions that prevent flooding or at least mitigate the damage caused by floods.

Detecting problems in time

Because Infracontrol Online is also able to handle fault reports and monitor technical equipment, it’s possible to detect problems that would otherwise exacerbate flood damage, or if they are dealt with in time, prevent its occurrence at all.

Infracontrol Online is a cloud service that provides full control over a community’s infrastructure, says Emil Jadenberg. It’s not just about receiving and taking action on fault reports from the general public, but also about monitoring technical equipment so we can be sure that it’s working as it should.

In this context it’s obviously extremely important that we receive timely information about blocked storm drains or unserviceable pumps so they can be remedied before it’s too late. But it’s also extremely important to deal with fault reports from the general public and to be fully aware of any technical disruptions in an ongoing crisis situation.
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