Lund municipality began connecting its lighting installations back in 2011, and today it has around 120 lighting control cabins connected to Infracontrol Online. The solution results in smarter, more adaptable control providing major energy savings. It also provides efficient operations monitoring allowing faults to be remedied faster. The ability to process alarms, fault reports and carry out tests directly in the Infracontrol smartphone app, simplifies operations and maintenance.  The result is better service to residents, reduced costs and a somewhat brighter future for everyone.

Anders Bengtsson, in charge of lighting at the highways and traffic department in Lund, tells us there are great benefits in having its lighting installations connected, and that they also get information about faults from residents.

“Because we receive alarms from lighting control centers as well as fault reports from residents in the same system, we can more easily quality-assure operation of the municipality’s lighting and quickly reach out with information about any disruptions to our contractors. And of course another important advantage is the ability to adapt it to actual needs, which helps us save energy and reduce the environmental impact of street lighting.”


Energy savings and more reliable operation

Back in 2011, Lund Municipality began connecting its lighting control cabins to the service in order to more easily monitor and control the municipality’s street lighting.

“We worked methodically to provide our lighting control centers with control units connected via GPRS,” says Anders Bengtsson. “It means we can keep a better check on the status of installations and control them more efficiently.”

He tells us that all of the municipality’s approximately 114 lighting control centers are equipped with SC-200 control units from Capelon connected to Infracontrol Online.  Centralized control means that on and off times can be adapted to actual needs, thus optimizing energy consumption. But assuring the quality of operations and the management of any disruptions is at least equally important.

“Not only does Infracontrol Online help us to receive alarms from lighting control centers and fault reports from residents, but also to send information to our contractors and make sure the fault is remedied. They help us provide residents with consistently high-quality lighting, while also simplifying our day-to-day work and saving time for our contractors and the municipality.”

In addition to Lund municipality, Infracontrol Online is used today for lighting control by e.g. the City of Malmö, the municipalities of Vellinge and Härryda, Tekniska Verken (Linköping), Swedavia and the Swedish Transport Administration. In all, this adds up to around 2,500 lighting control centers.

1) It’s easy for residents to report lighting faults with the aid of Lund’s fault reporting app. 2) Maintenance staff quickly receive information about disruptions and are able to plan work more easily. 3) Lighting installation control and parameter adjustment is easily performed in the app.

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