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The City of Örebro now has a parking guidance system that improves traffic flow and the town’s urban environment. The system, which makes parking easier, was inaugurated on January 16, 2009. The system is based on Infracontrol Online and comprises around 40 dynamic parking signs that point the way to vacant spaces in 6 different parking facilities.

The system reduces traffic looking for parking and improves the environment by helping motorists quickly find their way to available parking spaces.

Above all we hope people no longer have to drive around looking for an empty space, says Traffic Engineer Alla Bäck in an interview for Swedish Television. She tells us the major benefits of the system are not only that it reduces emissions, but that it also reduces traffic which improves traffic safety.


Improved environment and accessibility

All of us have driven around hunting for a place to park; it takes time and is tough on the environment and it also creates traffic that affects traffic flow negatively.
But there’s a simple solution – automatic counting systems and electronic signs that point the way to all the vacant spaces.

The parking guidance system helps motorists find parking spaces easily. Studies show that this reduces the amount of traffic and environmental impact significantly, while providing full control over the parking situation and enabling traffic to be directed as desired.

How does it work?

Cars are counted by magnetic loops, IR detectors or cameras at the entrances and exits to multi-storey and outdoor car parks. The information is gathered wirelessly or via hard wire and is processed before being distributed to the information signs.

All functions are managed via an intuitive web-based user interface. The solution is scalable enabling the entire parking guidance system to be easily extended, re-configured and streamlined. A high level of reliability is guaranteed in functions such as automatic monitoring and the distribution of operations alarms.

Long experience

Infracontrol has delivered an number of parking guidance systems to such places as Gothenburg, Helsingborg and Lund where systems comprise up to 100 signs. Infracontrol has also delivered smaller systems for shopping centers and similar in places like the Allum shopping centre in Partille and Kungsmässan shopping centre in Kungsbacka. The City of Örebro acquired its system during 2008 and Infracontrol carried out the project together with its partners Focus Neon and EON-ES.

About Infracontrol Online

Infracontrol Online is a unique web-based service where operational alarms, fault reports and comments are collated into simple, easy-to-read cases. The service is also used to manage the overall control of technical functions within a community’s infrastructure such as street lighting and parking information.

Infracontrol Online provides everyday benefits by assuring quality, simplifying operations and maintenance work, reducing energy consumption and by the simple expedient of making sure the right person gets the right information at the right time. Today the service is used for many different applications by e.g. the Swedish Transport Administration, Swedavia and a number of Swedish cities, towns and municipalities.

Infracontrol Online requires no software or hardware investments; all you need to use the service is a normal web browser or a mobile phone.
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