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The Swedish Transport Administrations National Traffic Management Support (NTS) has received the Global Road Achievement Award in the Traffic Management and ITS category from the International Road Federation (IRF). The prize is awarded annually with the aim of drawing attention to world-leading projects and organizations that promote progress in the field of road traffic. The award was made at the IRS world Congress in Riyadh in November, and was also recognized at the Transport Research Boards annual meeting in Washington in January.

Since 2009, Infracontrol has been responsible for NTS development and adaptation. CEO Johan Höglund is very satisfied that the system has received this level of attention:

“It’s a recognition for the long, hard and dedicated effort the entire NTS team at the Swedish Transport Administration and our collaborative partner Nicander have made and which has resulted in a world-leading traffic management solution. Because the increasing pace of urbanization creates the need for improvements in traffic safety, accessibility and the environment, there is great interest around the world for fast, efficient support systems for traffic managers.


World-leading traffic management support

National Traffic Management Support (NTS) provides supervision and control of Sweden’s road traffic. It is a powerful decision support system in use at all of the traffic management centers in Sweden. With the aid of more than 2000 quality-assured contingency plans, it helps traffic managers deal with every possible situation quickly and safely. Infracontrol CEO Johan Höglund is very pleased that the system received the award from the International Road Federation:

We have been the Swedish Transport Administrations main provider of NTS since 2009 and were responsible for the ongoing development and adaptation of the system, says Infracontrol CEO Johan Höglund. We do this in very close collaboration with our English partner, Nicander Ltd. Its very satisfying that NTS has received this award, and it is above all Nicanders and the Swedish Transport Administrations personnel who deserve the honor for it.

NTS provides support in many different situations and contributes to improvements in road safety and traffic flow. In practical terms, it’s all about teamwork with authorities, the media and general public regarding the control and monitoring of traffic equipment such as barriers, signs and cameras.  Watch a video about NTS. Read more about NTS.

International Road Federation and the Global Road Achievement Award

The International Road Federation is a nongovernmental organization established in Washington in 1948 to support the construction of road infrastructure following the Second World War, when neglected maintenance and war damage had created a great need for action. Today, the IRF plays a leading role on the world stage and acts as an advisor to e.g. the UN, the EU, and the World Bank for the exchange and application of best practices for the implementation of sustainable road infrastructure projects.

The Global Road Achievement Award (GRAA) is presented annually in 11 categories and seeks to draw attention to innovative projects and people who advance the field of road traffic to the forefront in terms of sustainable social and economic development in the world. NTS received the award in the Traffic Management & ITS category because it is a national system that works with existing infrastructure to improve the efficiency of complex road systems.
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