Infracontrol on the beach at Praia do Guincho about 21 miles west of Lisbon. (Jonas, Catrine, Rasmus, Sebastian, Simon, Kaj and John are not in the picture)

It’s been several months, but we still have the warmth of Portugal’s sun inside us. And that’s great when the sleet is falling just outside the window and the thermometer is hovering indecisively around freezing. It was in September when our whole crew decamped to Portugal for the annual kickoff meeting and to meet some of our customers there. In addition to warmth and sunshine, information and inspiration, we topped up with something even more important – that sense of community and team spirit that continues to help us keep going strong.

Johan Gunnarsson, who was one of our most recent employees, says that it was the opportunity to work in a leading role with both people and technology that persuaded him to join Infracontrol.

“There’s a very special company culture here, and a good, warm atmosphere. This is certainly why so many people have stayed so long, several for more than 20 years now. But this doesn’t mean the company is a moldy oldie. It’s constantly evolving driven by curiosity and a strong vision. It’s not just about simplifying and improving our customers’ operations, but also a conviction that we do things best together in a strong team. I enjoy the down-to-earth attitude where we value each other’s differences and are eager to learn from each other. It’s an environment that offers real opportunities for achieving great results together and enjoying what we do.”


Faith in the future

Infracontrol’s vision aims at annual sales of SEK 100 million and operations all around the world by 2023 – naturally with even more smart solutions that improve and simplify everyday life. But how will that vision become reality?

“A vision is a guiding star that leads the way,” says Johan Höglund. “It determines the direction we take, but then it’s up to us and our customers to grasp the opportunities that present themselves. A strong belief in what we do and a conviction that our vision can be reality, though not knowing precisely how, help us stay on the right course.”

He makes clear that the most important strength the company has had right from the start is its willingness to collaborate and delight in doing so, whether a team comprises just two people or ten, or whether it’s inside the company or together with customers and partners.

“People get stronger, smarter and much nicer when they work together as a team. But above all, things are so much more enjoyable. We want people to enjoy their jobs. Every day!”


Making the vision reality, day by day

Society’s growing need of a functioning infrastructure brings both great challenges and great opportunities:

“We create brand independence, open and flexible systems that allow national and local governments to gain control of ever more complicated portfolios of technical installations,” says Johan Höglund.

The demand for better resource use drives development and creates a growing need for the company’s services and the genuine commitment necessary for it to succeed.

“Technological solutions and innovations are all very well, but what matters most is that we really care about how society works and that we want to improve it together, each one of us contributing with his or her abilities and knowledge,” says Johan Höglund.


So you also want to make a difference?

Working here is more than just a job. We’re passionate about our mission – making everyday life simpler. We’re people first, technicians second. We think technical solutions are just a means to an end – useful functions and satisfied users.

We want work to be fun, every day! It’s an attitude that makes everything simpler and everyone much happier. Maybe not every day is a best-ever experience; sometimes a deluge of problems can make things seem difficult. But we take care of each other, lend each other a hand and make sure everyone is happy at work.

We need people to help us create a more intelligent infrastructure that makes everyday life simpler! If you know you have something we need, go right ahead and send us an application in the form of a personal letter and your résumé.

Send it to simplifyingeverydaylife[a]

Job vacancies are otherwise listed on our website.
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