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Following the launch of Infracontrol Online in Portugal, Spain, Denmark and Norway, it’s now time for Infracontrol to enter the US market. During the fall, a collaboration was begun with Findability Sciences in Boston, which is now the exclusive reseller in the New England region. This means US cities will get a new possibility to improve
their service to citizens and free up resources by streamlining asset management and maintenance work. Findability Sciences is specialized in big data solutions, and the partnership creates possibilities to add value to Smart City customers with the use of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing for analysis and predictive maintenance.

Anand Mahurkar, CEO at Findability Sciences, sees great potential in the partnership and thinks it will strengthen the offer and competitiveness for both companies:

There is a need to make cities smarter, and collaboration is the key to success. Adding Infracontrol Online to our portfolio means that we now can help US cities to improve service and save resources, by offering this unique solution that makes them able to handle fault reports and alarms more efficient, simpler and safer. Besides that, I am convinced that we can add even more value for the customers if we process the collected data in our Findability Platform®.


A growing international community

Infracontrol’s investment in the international market is off to an excellent start. Infracontrol Online is currently used by just over 160 customers.

“Internationalization is an important part of our strategy,” says Johan Höglund, CEO. “Initially, it was all about verifying the service’s functions and our business model in an International market. Things have gone very well and we’ve now established operations in several countries.”

Also in the US, there is a need to gain better control of society’s infrastructure and assure the quality of the technical administration within public operations.

“Now we’re getting an expansive partner in USA who can help us extend our community also with US municipalities that can use our cloud service. Every new member brings new know-how and helps strengthen our joint efforts to simplify and improve everyday life for residents, companies and visitors.”


About Findability Sciences

Findability Sciences applies the power of big data, cognitive computing, and artificial intelligence (AI)
in its core product: the award winning Findability Platform®. The Findability Platform makes use of its proprietary technologies to add context to data and incorporates self-learning capabilities to deliver turnkey solutions to major global corporations in the insurance, retail, manufacturing, financial services, trading, healthcare, and transportation industries.

Founded in 2010, Findability Sciences is a global company, headquartered outside Boston, MA, and  serves its customers through offices in the United States, Japan, and India.

Infracontrol Online collects information about faults from residents and alarms from technical installations so that they can be sent to the right person for action. When the fault has been remedied, it’s reported to the municipality concerned, which takes proactive measures to prevent similar problems from occurring again.

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